Scavengers fight for Libyan flesh

The "friends of Libya" have started fighting for the wealth, which they are expecting to get in this country. This is basically the outcome of the top-level meeting, which took place on September 1 in Paris. The meeting, theatrically titled "Friends of Libya," gathered the participation of the aggression against Libya to discuss the future of the country. To be more precise, "the friends of Libya" arrived in Paris to share the oil reserves of the country.

The "friends" spoke a lot about the "happily-ever-after" that Libya would have after Gaddafi. However, the main question of the meeting - how to share the Libyan oil - remained unanswered.

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi announced his "Libya-after-Gaddafi" plans several days before the meeting in Paris. He said that the interests of Italy's Eni energy company must be taken into consideration in the first place. Berlusconi's announcement annoyed other members of the aggression against Libya: Italy cowardly pulled out its troops from Libya and left its allies perplexed.

Afterwards, France's Sarkozy set forth his claims for a slice of the "Libyan pie." According to the French media, Paris was asking for 35 percent of the Libyan oil market.

It goes without saying that other Western predators did not like the fact that the French and the Italians were leaving them miserable leftovers. On September 1, British PM David Cameron warned his Italian and French counterparts that he would not tolerate the infringement of London's interests. Britain would be the first country to get the best slice of the pie, he claimed.

French officials responded with saying that it was France, not Britain that had put considerable efforts in attacking Libya.

To put it in a nutshell, the powers-that-be acted like a group of street hooligans who attacked a passer-by, knocked him down and started fighting with each other because of the stolen wallet.  

However, it seems that European officials have learned to run before they could walk. It appears that it will be up for the United States to decide who is going to get what in Libya.

Libya's fate will be decided on the US territory. "A group of friends of the new Libya" will gather for the meeting in New York at the end of September.

The meeting in Paris only found a solution to secondary issues, such as the allocation of $15 billion to Libyan rebels from the previously frozen accounts of the old Libyan government. This was necessary to do to resume the delivery of oil and gas to the West.

The aggressors also agreed that the UN would have to restore the Libyan economy that had been destroyed with NATO bombs. According to them, the UN would play the key role in coordinating international efforts to support the political transition and restoration of Libya. To put it in a nutshell, the West simply believes that they can easily use the natural wealth of the bombed country, whereas other UN members will cover the "cleaning costs."

During the meeting in Paris, the French and British leaders agreed that Colonel Gaddafi would not have to be delivered to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. According to Sarkozy and Cameron, Gaddafi can be executed in Libya along with his numerous sons. This is another peculiarity of democracy that NATO has established in Libya.

It goes without saying that the EU officials are aware of the intention of the new Libyan authorities to execute Gaddafi even though they scream and shout promoting democracy and abolishing death penalty in the world. Even if we assume that Gaddafi is captured, Sarkozy, Cameron, and the West on the whole will find themselves in a very unpleasant situation. How would they have to prove that it was Gaddafi, but not NATO that bombed tens and hundreds of houses and hospitals across the country?

The Western media are incapable of accusing the Colonel of the crimes committed by NATO. It is an open secret that the Libyan aviation had not made a sortie since the end of March. No one will believe that it was Gaddafi, who bombed Tripoli with laser-guided smart bombs.

Moreover, it has recently transpired that the CIA had recruited at least 1,500 guerillas in northern Afghanistan to "democratize" Libya, not to mention the hirelings from Egypt, Qatar, etc. The leaders of Libyan rebels are exhausted after many days of battles in Tripoli. The city has been taken, but nothing seems to be changing there. Gaddafi's followers still control Sebha, Sirte and most of Brega, whereas Gaddafi himself continues to urge them to fight.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is aware of the problems of the Libyan rebels. Sarkozy would be ready to visit Tripoli only when the city becomes safe for visiting, the French president said. Moreover, Sarkozy stated that he would prefer to travel to Libya in a company of British Prime Minister David Cameron, rather than alone.

As for Russia and China, the two countries did not even have the status of a participant of the meeting in Paris. They acted as observers, who only had to watch their billion-dollar investments in Libya going up in smoke.

Sergei Balmaasov


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov