Sarkozy, the new Napoleon, wants to attack Iran

Sarkozy, the new Napoleon, wants to attack Iran. 45289.jpegIt seems that French President Nicolas Sarkozy has warmed to the role of Napoleon. The events in Libya have infatuated him. Gaddafi has not been toppled yet, but Sarkozy already threatens Iran.

"Its military nuclear and ballistic ambitions constitute a growing threat that may lead to a preventive attack against Iranian sites that would provoke a major crisis that France wants to avoid at all costs," he said. "Iran refuses to negotiate seriously," he told an annual meeting of French diplomats. "Iran is carrying out new provocations in response to the challenge from the international community for it to provide a credible response," he claimed.

It goes without saying that the impunity of the aggressor gives birth to new predatory appetites. The USA and other countries of the West want Iran to shelve its nuclear program claiming that the country develops nuclear weapons. Teheran claims that its nuclear program is peaceful. The Islamic Republic continues to move towards progress despite all kinds of threats from the West.

The West became even more concerned after Fereidun Abbasi Dawani, the head of the Iranian nuclear energy agency, said that several uranium enrichment centrifuges would be moved from the facility at Natanz to Fordo nuclear enrichment plant in Qom.

According to Iran's ISNA news agency, 164 centrifuges of new generation were to be installed at Fordo. The decision was made in accordance with the plans of the country to build ten more uranium enrichment facilities. Officials representing the French Foreign Ministry stated that it was yet another provocation from Iran to violate UN resolutions.

The West reacted negatively to another message about the development of the Iranian nuclear program. It goes about the completion of tests for the turbine of the reactor at the nuclear power plant in Bushehr.

To crown it all, Western media have recently said that Iran had rejected the "uranium deal" with the international community. Teheran does not intend to refuse from the production of nuclear fuel on its territory in exchange for its import from abroad, news agencies said.

The agencies quoted Mr. Fereidun Abbasi, who supposedly said the following: "The progress that Teheran has reached can make other countries discuss with us the deliveries of the fuel to other countries. The production of 20 percent enriched uranium will not be stopped."

The launch of new reactors created the need in extra volumes of enriched uranium, the official added. He emphasized the peaceful character of the nation's nuclear program again and said that Iran would be ready to consider the claims from the IAEA only if the latter presents documented evidence and "changes the tone of its reports, because the present tone is unacceptable for Iran."

It is worthy of note that the diplomatic battle was taking place against the background of an ongoing spy scandal. The scandal was connected with the exposure of the terrorist network in Iran, which was destroying Iran's leading nuclear physicists by order of Israel's Mossad.

Iranian national Majid Jamali Fashi confessed to the murder of nuclear scientist Massoud Ali Mohammadi committed in the beginning of 2010. It was said that the Iranian man had been paid by Israel's Mossad spy agency.

In addition, Washington set out concerns over the conviction of two American nationals for their espionage on the territory of Iran. US officials also claimed that the Islamic Republic was one of the major sponsors of international terrorism.

Iranian officials responded with a requirement to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. Since the US announced the destruction of Osama bin Laden, the foreign military presence in the country is no longer necessary, they said.

Iran also demanded the USA and the West should stop interfering into affairs of Arab states. The EU responded with sanctions against Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

Now we have France threatening Iran with a per-emptive attack. It seems that the French want to beat the Americans in their anti-Iranian rhetoric.

It is worthy of note that France actively supports that "Arab spring" in North Africa and Syria. Sarkozy is trying to improve his ratings, which decreased considerably after the French government cut social programs. Sarkozy simply wants to distract people's attention from actual problems.

The war in Libya is not over, but NATO allies have already started fighting for the country's energy resources. Italy's Berlusconi stated, for example, that Eni concern was intended to receive oil and gas preferences in Libya. It is worthy of note that Italy finished its active participation in the war against Gaddafi at the end of July. French oil companies in their turn want to control 35 percent of the Libyan oil. The USA, Britain and German do not conceal their oil appetites either.

France will most likely have to curb its ambitious plans - the country will have to share with other NATO allies. Sarkozy's political adversaries may use that against Sarkozy. What was the point for France to fight against Gaddafi then?

The "revolutions" in Egypt and Tunisia unveiled bizarre affairs of one of the ministers of the French government, Christine Lagarde, who was accused of corruption. French experts said that other top officials of the French political establishment were also involved in the case.

It goes without saying that France is physically incapable of launching a military campaign against Iran alone. One army base in Emirates is not enough for that, not to mention the repairs of Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier.

To attack Iran, France must first receive the support and approval from the United States. As for Israel, the country would prefer not to interfere in that. It would be much better for Israel to destroy the Iranian nuclear program with the use of US hands. Otherwise, Israel will see thousands of short and medium range missiles flying in its direction.

Pentagon officials know that the Iranian armed forces are much stronger than those of Libya. Obama gets ready for elections, so he is not likely to take part in this adventure.

It appears that the West with deal with Iran profoundly some time later. The preparations for it are underway.

Sergei Balmasov


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov