Pedophile rips open his stomach after killing little girl

41930.jpegThe police of Russia's Sverdlovsk region investigate the murder of a schoolgirl, who went missing a week ago. The girl's body was found in a forest after the suspect had been arrested.

The body of Nina Oboskalova, aged only ten, was found buried in the forest near the town of Talitsy on Wednesday, October 6. The little girl died a violent death, forensic experts concluded.

"The police arrested a male born in 1968, who had been previously convicted for committing an identical crime - child rape. The perpetrator had been sentenced to 13 years for that crime and was released in January of 2010," an official from the local administration said.

The suspect ripped open his stomach when he was being arrested, but stayed alive, Life News reports. The suspect has pleaded guilty to the crime.

Nina Oboskalova, a schoolgirl, went missing on October 1. A friend of hers told the police that they went home separately after school that day. Nina went to visit her grandmother's where she usually had lunch after school. The girl would often stay at her grandmother's to do her homework and then come back home.

The girl did not come either to her grandmother's or home on October 1, in spite of the fact that the building, where Nina's grandmother lives, is situated some 50 meters far from school, Interfax reports.

Her parents went to police on Friday night, after 10:00 p.m. Investigators determined that the girl went to see her another friend after school on October 1. Her friend was not home, and the girl decided to wait for her to come back in her apartment. The suspect, named only as Andrey M., was staying in that apartment.

The pedophile arrived in the town of Talitsy after he had served his prison term. In the town, he got acquainted with a woman and moved in with her. On October 1, Nina Oboskalova went to see that woman's daughter.

The perpetrator told the girl that she could come in and wait for her friend inside. He locked the door and attacked the little girl. Having raped the child, he killed the girl, burnt her clothes and put the body in a large plastic bag. Afterwards, the criminal left home, caught a cab and took the body to the forest where he buried it.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov