Two Wars: Afghanistan and Colombia


During the last few years, we listen to the tiredness, the media disinformation in the service of the gangster narco paramilitary government of Uribe Velez, to say in the best style of Joseph Goebbels that 'democratic security' has liquidated the Colombian insurgency.

How vulgar toadies of the empire have been incessantly exclaiming: "The guerrillas are hiding in the jungle, running away." "They are eating roots." Fleeing adrift and demoralized." "The fronts have no communication with its leaders." "They attack from the other side of the border." (Laughter and more laughter could be heard daily after listening).

Faced with the imminent triumph of the official forces the only thing that a guerrilla movement can do is surrender unconditionally.

Vain illusion!

Examining the official figures we find another reality.

If we compare the Colombian conflict to the invasion and war by the U.S. and its allies in Afghanistan, the actual data shows that military casualties suffered by 'democratic security' in Colombia, the armed confrontation, during those eight years, are twice those as experienced by U.S., ISAF and other variants in this paramilitary invasion, supported by Uribe and for which he offered his paramilitaries that were killing Afghans.

Official figures:

Country: Colombia.

Source: Military Forces.

Period: 2002 - 2010 "Democratic Security" = "State Terrorism"

01. Soldiers, police and agents killed in the clash OF: 4752

02. Soldiers, police and agents of the DAS wounded: 15,184. Of these, many are drug addicts, mentally ill or maimed.

Total casualties: 19,936


Country: Afghanistan


Period: 2001-2010 "War of US-led invasion."

01. Invasive fatalities: 2,071

02. Wounded military invaders: 7266

Many of them are unemployed, disabled, drug addicts, unbalanced.

Total casualties: 9337

In Colombia, the figures leave in evidence that the government of the 'motorbike-mountain range' and the mainstream media always concealed the failure of imperial policy in its desire to wipe out the insurgency and the popular movement.

The struggle of our people for freedom, national sovereignty, democracy, peace and social justice can never be silenced and, much less won by the oppressors.

New Colombia advances in the fields and cities, full of people, who already see a new dawn of freedom for this country.

Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov