For Chavez, the Venezuelan Opposition is Desperate

For Chavez, the Venezuelan Opposition is Desperate

President Hugo Chavez declared that the opposition was waiting for chaos to reverse the trend of a resounding defeat for them in parliamentary elections on September 26th.  Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said yesterday, the 26th, that the opposition acts are marked by despair in the face of a predictable defeat in parliamentary elections on September 26.

For him, at this point, his political rivals expected to see the country plunged into chaos in August, a scenario that would be favorable to their pretensions to take over the National Assembly and from there to destroy the revolution.

"They are betting on the economic, energy and food crisis, and committed sabotage and terrorism with the support of media and American imperialism, but we are now less than a month from the elections and they are desperate because they see the numbers and research," he said. A demonstration of the conduct of the opposition can be seen in their conduct at the beginning of the electoral campaign.

They walk provoking and offending, yesterday they wanted to take the National Assembly, commented Chavez in the Teresa Carreño theater during a doctors' graduation ceremony.

According to the president, all the opposition plans for the elections are "perverse."

"So I say to Venezuelans that everyone should vote with their conscience. Those who wish well to the Motherland, will come with me on the path of socialism."

At the graduation of the students who took their courses in Cuba, Chavez denied the rumors about a presumed diagnosis of cancer.

"The squalid ones (as he calls the radical opposition) say that I have cancer, they want to kill me, but they will remain alone with that desire. I wish them health so that they will see their defeats."

On September 26th, more than 17.5 million Venezuelans will elect 165 deputies to the National Assembly.

So far, the research points to the victory of the Revolutionary Alliance, a bloc formed by the Socialists (PSUV), Communists (PCV) and other allied forces.

Source: Prensa Latina


The PSUV of Hugo Chavez is by far the nation’s largest party with more than 7 million members (in a country with approximately 17 million registered voters),

President Chavez’s agenda for "21st Century Socialism," includes efforts to accelerate land redistribution, promote gender equality, improve communal council management, promote communes as an alternative to representative city government, and impose stricter regulations of the banking and finance system.


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