With Sticks and Stones

With Sticks and Stones

Laerte Braga

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in a speech at the inauguration of the Bushehr nuclear plant (the station is Russian technology and is intended for energy production) in the presence of Russian authorities and the country that the defense of the Islamic revolution in the case of an attack by the U.S. or Israel, "will not limit our options and will involve the whole planet."

Documents were released by the WikiLeaks site and created by the special unit of the CIA - CENTRAL INTELIGENCY AGENCY - point to instances where American citizens have funded terrorist activities

In previous documents on the same site, nearly ninety-two thousand documents on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, shows that the U.S. government exports terrorism in the form of kidnappings, assassinations and indiscriminate arrests anywhere in the world. These practices under President George Bush were accentuated as a reaction to the attack on the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

One of the great difficulties of the current U.S. President Barack Obama is to disassemble this repressive apparatus, barbaric pomp, which, on the whole, ends up being easy prey for large gangs in drug trafficking, trafficking of women and now oil traffic from Mexico.  The current politics of outsourcing of intelligence and military activities put forth by Bush generated distortions such that the White House doesn't even know the true extent of the whole folly of the previous government.

These difficulties present themselves and are visible in the reaction of Republicans now led by Senator John McCain, who lost the presidential election against Obama. They make clear the new contours of what was a nation and today is a conglomeration of the private interests of banks, corporations, oil and weapons with tentacles that can paralyze the state and turn this great nation into a big company dedicated to terrorism.

Obama has so far failed to enter the Oval Office

The global war is a reality and can be understood in the statement made by Hans Blinx last month, about Bush's warnings, and that there was no evidence of the presence of chemical and biological weapons in Iraq. Blinx says that the Americans were "in a drunken state from the power of the arsenal available to them." And continue to hold. Blinx was one of the UN inspectors in Iraq at the time that preceded the U.S. invasion of that country, in defiance of the UN Security Council.

Except that now much of what is conventionally called the military is controlled by private companies and many actions relevant to those forces are performed by these companies. American generals are fronts for executives of companies that either operate against the Taliban in Afghanistan, as in trafficking of drugs, women, guns, oil, laundering money, any sort of possible large-scale criminal operations.

It is the union of all mafias dreamed and desired by every mafia boss in the history of these criminal organizations. They have reached the top. They are selling democracy, drugs, women, laundering money and have thousands of nuclear warheads capable of destroying the planet at least a hundred times.

The ditch with the bodies of Latin American citizens that was found in Mexico shows the state of chaos that pervades the country. Or "ex-country." It is a nothing but colony of the USA since the signing of NAFTA (free trade agreement between USA, Canada and Mexico).

One of the consequences or requirements that the terrorist conglomerate formed by the U.S. and Israel operates is the presence of government leaders that are willing and able to tolerate or collaborate with corruption. It was the case with FHC in Brazil, Menem in Argentina, Uribe in Colombia and is now with Calderon in Mexico. To cite just Latin Americans.

The so-called institutional world is the visible face in the orange color of the operators of state terrorism.

In Brazil, working from the PSDB, DEM, PPS, private media (GLOBE SHEET SAO PAULO, RBS, SEE, TIME, etc) and corporations of bankers, national and multinational companies and large estates. Symbolically and actually they take shelter in the acronym FIESP / Daslu.

The military coup in Honduras and sham democratic set up with the terrorist government of Pepe Lobo is no different from actions in Colombia from the central government or in Mexico, much like the massacre of Palestinians by Israel and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Another journalist was killed today, Thursday, August 26, the ninth this year.

They dump their democratic waste in containers in the sea of Somalia, or on ships that they send to Brazil.

There are close to five hundred U.S. militarybases around the world and a series of operations across the planet to keep intact the power of groups that control the mega company USA / ISRAEL TERRORISM S / A.

Ahmadinejad did not say anything different from what happens in practice, disguised as Western Christian democracy. He just wanted to show that his country is ready to resist this terrorism and has the military conditions to do it.

Iran has the third largest oil reserves in the world. By becoming an energy power, it jeopardizes the "business" of large corporations that hold a controlling stake in USA / ISRAEL TERRORISM S / A.

They are killing civilians in Mexico, Colombia, Honduras, Iraq and Afghanistan, or leaders of resistance movements by agents of Israel with official documents, but false names, from countries controlled by the U.S. (Britain, Italy and Germany ) and they are all shown to the world in the form of apple pie with cinnamon by the corrupted private media.

Or as he told a group of teachers and students at a university in Sao Paulo in a visit to the editorial staff of a national newspaper, the presenter said about a specific piece of news. "This no because it is against our American friends."

One of the most significant events of this official state terrorism is the last speech by President Lula concerning the director of FOLHA DE SÃO PAULO as someone who wanted to know if he spoke English. If you do not speak English, how can you govern the country?

What has one thing to do with another? Lula's speech, Iran, the global war?

All facts are linked together in a terrorist project generated in Washington since the end of the cold war for control of the rest of the world. Fidel Castro called it a "world government". Whoever thinks that Hitler lost is wrong. Meanwhile, in much of the world, he is winning and leading. Only the flag being used has changed. It has the stars of David and Uncle Sam.

It is the name.

Whoever has a good memory will remember the moments leading up to the announcement of the invasion of Iraq. The terrorist George Bush appeared on worldwide TV networks being made up. Transformed by powders and creams into a guardian angel of democracy. Days later, when the Iraqi resistance was still alive after the invasion, he proclaimed that it if it was necessary "to prevent the mass destruction of the planet, the U.S. will use nuclear weapons in Iraq."

This mass destruction is going on since Ronald Reagan assumed power in the U.S. government.

In the film, DOCTOR Strangelove, by the extraordinary filmmaker Stanley Kulbrick, a commanding general of a U.S. nuclear base decides on his own to attack the former USSR. He asserts that communism is coming to his country "through the water."

North American / Zionist terrorism arrives with military bases (Western Europe today is a U.S. colony) by coups, by the private media selling ideas and factoids assembled to transform human beings into a mere objects.

They reduce Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua and some other countries to the classification of "dictatorships" as part of their game of domination, it is the ongoing global war.

In Latin America, they murder civilians and throw them in shallow graves (Mexico, Colombia and Honduras). They also build walls as another form of genocide against the Palestinians, trying to turn it into something commonplace and ordinary, nothing to be concerned about.

All of us are Palestinians.

They commemorate the death of Iraqi civilians with words like "we kill the bastards," which only means that stupids dressed in uniforms seized Iraq's oil. That "business" will continue to thrive.

The barbarity of capitalism is headquartered in Washington and Tel Aviv and they have subsidiaries in all corners of the world. In Brazil, the private media sells the idea that Hollywood is paradise twenty-four hours a day.

If you can manage to jump the fence and escape the "organized groups of extermination." Unless your name is William Bonner, Boris Casoy, or smaller ones such as Miriam Leitão, Lucia Hipolito, Pedro Bial, Reinaldo Azevedo, Diogo Mainardi. And of course, pistols on the LEAF of gentle fortune. With luck, they manage to turn ex-BBB and escape to the caves, because the next war, the fourth, the third is already underway, as Einstein said, will be fought "with sticks and stones."

What Ahmadinejad said was only that his people endure. And they are ready for this.


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Author`s name Oksana Orlovskaya