Founder of School of Sexual Magic of Ancient Slavs Put on Federal Wanted List

Vladimir Plakhin, a writer and the supervisor of the so-called "School of Sexual Magic of the Ancient Slavs" is wanted by Russian law-enforcement agencies. The man is suspected of committing acts of sexual abuse against girls of minor age under the guise of "patriotic sexual upbringing."

Three underage victims of the pedophile have been identified for the time being, Interfax reports with reference to the Moscow Office of the Public Prosecutor. The girls are under 16, but they attended the classes at the "School of Sexual Magic."

Plakhin was holding his classes in his apartment in Moscow. The teen students were subjected to ideological treatment, which allowed Plakhin to commit illegal acts of rape against them.

The sect was organized to suppress the personal will of teenagers. The child molestation process was disguised as ancient rituals with patriotic feelings to them.

Plakhin would pervert girls under 16 years of age. He would commit acts of sexual intercourse with them after they reached 16 saying that he would have to do that to transmit mysterious power to them. The teenagers were unaware of the actions, which their tutor was taking towards them, Life News reports.

As a result, the female students of Plakhin's "school" suffered serious psychological trauma and developed adjustment disorder in combination with disturbed emotions and behavior.

The author of the book "Sexual Magic of the Ancient Slavs" and the leader of the sect bearing the same name has been put on the federal wanted list.

A similar story took place last month in Russia's Orenburg region, where authorities neutralized another sect organized by pedophile. The perpetrator organized "The Orenburg City Foundation for Self-Improvement" and was conducting illegal activities for 17 years.

The head of this "organization", Vyacheslav Vesnin, 44, formerly worked as a psychiatrist at a local mental institution. He established the foundation for self-improvement in 1993. The organization counted up to 300 members, mostly adults, who referred to their leader as "Master." Many of the sect members would often bring their children to the classes.

When searching his cottage on the outskirts of Orenburg - the place where sectarians gathered, specialists found many child drawings.

"Let's take this drawing, for example, made by a little girl. The girl obviously has mental issues because little girls never draw women's breasts and genitalia. This is a question of unhealthy sexuality," a psychologist said.

"Most likely, Vesnin was trying to push little children towards asocial lifestyle," another specialist said.

The sect leader denied the state as a form of organization of the human society and urged his followers to deny all institutes of modern-day society and the state. Vesnin urged his sectarians to replace all those institutes with sexual liberties.

"The sect members would be subjected to psychological pressure and then offered to engage into promiscuous acts of sexual intercourse with one another, in little children's presence," officials said.

There were no complaints filed against Vesnin's organization. He did not attract any attention from the authorities either, officials said.

Afterwards, investigators found a video of the 17th anniversary of the foundation. The celebrations were held in a local concert hall. Little children singing obscene songs were seen opening the show. Adults then explained to them that the "bad words" used in their songs were actually the only form of "clean language."

The parents were seen sitting in the audience and applauding. Afterwards, they went on stage to perform strip dancing. They did not even ask their kids out, but told them to stay inside to watch.

The rumors about the existence of the secret society in the city finally reached the special services.

"I heard by hearsay that there is some strange organization in the city, where a crowd of people gathers for orgies," a local resident said. The resident happened to be a friend of a police officer.

Vesnin's sect was closed as a result of the special operation, which FSB agents prepared for six months. A special agent pretended to be a new sectarian and quickly realized that the rumors were true.

The operation to arrest 108 sectarians was conducted at the moment when the crowd of naked people were practicing their ideology not far from the local "Black Dolphin" prison.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov