Obama, Israel and Iran

Obama, Israel and Iran

Ángel Guerra Cabrera

La Jornada

Since the attacks of the two Bushes on Iraq (1991 and 2003) the United States has not conducted a military deployment in the Persian Gulf area as it is now up against Iran. While the mainstream media barely speak or give prominence to the American-Israeli war preparations against the Persian country, every day there is more evidence of these preparations, especially in specialized resources, and the issue is increasingly treated by known analysts with disparate ideological positions. Shamus Cooke in a note published in Rebelión lists the sanctions enacted in July by Obama on Iran as an unmistakable act of war.

"By cutting the supply of refined oil, the United States will cause massive, irreparable damage to the Iranian economy, which amounts to an act of war" ... "in this case the strategy is to attack Iran economically, causing them to react with military means enabling the United States to assume a false position of moral superiority, arguing that it 'defends itself' as it was the other party that attacked first."

Standing out by its profuse information (and disinformation) is the subject of Israeli websites. This is the case with Debka, web experts associate it with Israel's spy agency Mossad. As early as May 20, it predicted a significant increase in U.S. military presence "off the coast of Iran," with between four and five of its powerful aircraft carrier fleet. Three have already arrived, to be completed between late July and early August. With one month in advance, Debka was announcing the arrival in those waters of the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman and its strike group together with the German frigate Hessen "operating under American command," the very day that they departed from their base in Norfolk, Virginia, United States. But they kept the presence of an Israeli vessel among these ships out of it. It was reported at a later stage by several Western and Arab sources.

Noam Chomsky indicates in a recent article in his syndicated column, quoting Arab sources, the objective of the U.S. fleet moving to the Persian Gulf is "to apply sanctions against Iran and monitor ships entering and leaving the country." The linguist mentions a statement, which makes the hair stand on end by Dan Plesh, director of the Center for International Studies at the University of London. He stated that bombers and long-range missiles of the United States are prepared to destroy 10,000 targets in Iran in a few hours . In February of this year, Washington announced the modernization of many ramps of Patriot missiles deployed in four Gulf Arab states and they were sending several missile launcher ships to "protect" their vessels and aircraft from any air or missile attacks from Iran.

David Moon, Asia Times, makes a detailed examination of a likely Israeli air strike on their own on Iran's nuclear facilities, but in the same medium Victor Kotsev minimizes that possibility and said that right now it seems "very likely that if an attack occurs, it will be the U.S. and Israel together." He added that Washington appears to have engaged in special operations and preparations for the "action" in Iran. "Persistent reports reveal that U.S. forces are concentrated around the Persian Gulf and the Caucasus, most notably in Yemen and Azerbaijan, and that its air force and Israel have been conducting joint bombing exercises ... the United States may be ... America is on a geostrategic collision course with Iran and does not feel confident that Israel can do the job." Kotsev said that Russia has reiterated it will not allow an important large-scale war near its borders ...

This announces an apocalyptic scenario unprecedented in the history of war by the power of the weapons of the aggressor and the likely response from Iran, which has been preparing for a tenacious resistance by all means at their disposal.

Iran is the most inspected country by the International Atomic Energy Agency and there is no proof of the military component in its nuclear program. Israel, however, possesses hundreds of nuclear weapons, refuses to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and to be inspected. Obama, in the middle of other flatteries towards his guest, Netanyahu, said that "we will not ask Israel to take steps that threaten its security" ...

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