Teenage Boy Kills Father to Continue Playing Computer Game

A 14-year-old boy has been arrested in Tuapse, a town in the Krasnodar district, after first killing his sleeping father with a sledge hammer and then waking his mother and demanding that she return the keyboard that she had taken away from him. After committing the murder he calmly went and finished playing his favorite computer game “Gothic”.

For the murder of his paternal father Yaroslav Melnicheko, a resident of Tuapse, is faced with a 10-year sentence, reports Life News.

“On the evening before the murder my brother was behaving as usual, speaking little and playing on his phone”, says the 25-year-old sister of the young murderer. “Then he watched some comedy on TV with my father. He kept on asking when we would all go to bed.”

Before everyone left for bed, mother and father said to their son that he was not to play on the computer again that night. It was when Yaroslav began to protest that his mother was forced to remove the keyboard from the computer and hide it in her room. The boy made as if he had accepted the decision and went to bed.

Then in the dead of night the teenager decided to deal with his “wrongdoers”. Taking a sledge hammer, he crept into his parents’ bedroom and attacked his father right there in his bed.

“The teenager delivered the blows through a plastic bag, prepared in advance in order to prevent himself being splashed with blood”, explained the investigating officer Boris Frolov. “He admits to having planned at first to murder his mother, but then feared he would not be able to deal with his father”.

Having killed the head of the family, Yaroslav awoke his mother as if nothing had happened and demanded that she return the keyboard, threatening to do the same to her. The shocked woman returned the precious item to the boy, after which he took her phone from her and locked her in the room before leaving to continue playing “Gothic”.

The murderer confessed to everything immediately after his arrest. Yaroslav even took an interest in prisoners’ conditions, asking the investigating officer before anything else: “Will there be a computer in prison?”

According to investigators, the teenager didn’t even hide his satisfaction with his offense. “After the murder I became head of the family”, the boy proudly declared during questioning.

It should be noted that the unfortunate role-play game “Gothic”, thanks to which Yaroslav got the idea of murdering his parents, has a correspondingly sinister plot: the characters of the quest fight with the aid of various kinds of weapons – axes, clubs, hammers, swords, and so on. It was just such a weapon that Yaroslav used in real life for the reprisals against his father, in the course of which he struck the sleeping man 6 times on the head.

Relatives still do not believe what has happened and place the blame on his parents’ excessive love. Yaroslav was the only heir of the house and the family business – a hotel on the Black Sea coast. Three years ago, this representative of “golden youth” entered the cadet corps, but in 2009 forced his parents to remove him, complaining that discipline was too strict.

According to neighbors, Yaroslav had almost no friends. Instead the young gamer spent all his free time at the computer, playing his favorite cult games – “Gothic” and “Stalker”.

Translated by Isobel Palmer

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Author`s name Palmer Isobel