Husband and Wife Rape Their Daughter for Two Years

The police of St. Petersburg complete the preliminary investigation on the case of a family of pedophiles. A married couple abused their own daughter on their mutual consent for two years. The woman’s husband had been raping his step daughter and offering her to other pedophiles. The woman said that she agreed for all that to preserve her family.

The man, a 44-year-old driver Nikolai Yeroshevich, and his common-law 36-year-old wife, named only as Natalia, had been abusing their daughter for two years after the girl turned 15, reports.

The man started having an intimate relationship with the woman’s daughter Olesya after the girl’s mother split with her father and came to live with Nikolai Yeroshevich. One day the woman found a nude picture of her daughter in Nikolai’s cell phone and asked him for an explanation. The family scandal had a bizarre ending: the man said that he wanted to sleep with both of them, otherwise he would leave.

When interrogated, the woman told the police that she had fallen in love with Nikolai and did not want to lose him. She talked to her daughter in an attempt to make the girl keep their new family alive. The woman told the girl that many families live like that, and the girl eventually agreed to have sexual contacts with her step-father.

Olesya started sleeping with Nikolai on a regular basis. Her mother joined them afterwards. The pervert told the woman that he had to touch a young body to be able to fulfill his bedroom duties. The intimate family relationship developed into sex orgies: the family couple took explicit pictures of each other and uploaded them on the internet.

The pervert parents made a whole gallery of their daughter’s pictures. Afterwards, they decided to offer the girl to someone else. Investigators found a lot of pornographic pictures and videos in their apartment.

Olesya realized the insanity of her situation in 2008. The girl tried to refuse from sex with her step-father, but she was forced to have sexual intercourses with the man again. The girl started drinking to escape from her terrible reality.

One day she came home drunk and said that she did not want to continue living like that. When the man came back home he said that she would have to sleep with him if she wanted to stay alive. The frightened girl grabbed a knife and stabbed herself in the stomach.

The wound was not serious: the girl was hospitalized but recovered in a week. When she returned home, Nikolai began to rape her again. Afterwards, the girl’s mother brought another man home and said that Olesya would have to sleep with him for money.

Olesya became pregnant with her step-father’s baby in March 2009. Her mother took her to a hospital for an abortion. Sexual violence did not stop afterwards, and the girl left her home in July 2009. She went to police two months later.

The police were so shocked with the girl’s story that they did not even believe her at first. A brief investigation showed that all of the girl’s words were true, and the couple of perverts was arrested.

Nikolai Yeroshevich and Natalia have been charged with 77 counts of child sex abuse.

“The girl was living in hell. She was convinced by her own mother that every family lives like that. The girl was morally and psychologically crushed, and she depended on her parents financially,” a lawyer said. “She had to have a lot of courage to come to the police and tell her story to other people,” the lawyer added.

A psychiatric examination revealed that Natalia and Nikolai were absolutely sane. The adults do not deny the charges, but say that they can not see anything criminal in their actions.

“I could not have sex life with my wife otherwise,” Yeroshevich told the police.

“I was madly in love with him and I wanted to preserve my family,” the woman said.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov