Military Man Throws Two Sleeping Kids Out of Window Because of Jealousy

A tragedy took place in Moscow today. An officer of the Russian navy attempted to kill the children of his common-law wife. He threw two eight-year-old twin sisters out of the window of his apartment on the eighth storey of an apartment building. Afterwards, the man sent a text message to his common-law wife: “You can say goodbye to Dasha and Katya.”

The tragedy took place at about 1 a.m. Several people saw what happened – they called the police immediately.

The two girls – Katya and Dasha Lapuzins – fell on the ground from the height of 20 meters. They were seriously injured in the fall, but both of them stayed alive. The sisters, born in 2001, were hospitalized with numerous fractures and injuries of internal organs.

“We have no information to prove that the man committed the crime in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Eyewitnesses said that the man did not look like he was drunk,” the officer said.

The man, identified as Nikolai Zakharkin, aged 31, is a naval officer and a research associate at an institute of the defense ministry. The man met the girls’ mother several years ago. The couple was not officially married, but the man was living with the woman and her two children. The woman was not at home when the tragedy took place.

“Supposedly, the man committed the crime out of jealousy,” a law-enforcement officer said.

One of the girls, Dasha, suffered more serious injuries as a result of the fall. She has a brain concussion, fractures of five ribs, a ruptured liver, a retroperitoneal hematoma, bruises and scratches.

“We had her liver operated on at night. We believed that her spine was injured too, but later found that it was not,” a paramedic said.

Katya, Dasha’s sister, fell through the tree, which allowed her to avoid serious injuries. The girl came to her senses and told the police how it happened.

“I was asleep. I woke up in the street because of pain,” the girl said in a very weak voice.

Investigators interrogated the naval officer the same night. The man was very rude and impudent in his behavior. There was no repentance in his testimony.

The interrogation revealed the man had committed the crime out of jealousy. It all started with a family fight. Irina, the mother of the two girls, called Nikolai in the evening and told him that she was going to a store to buy a microwave oven. The man said that they should probably do it together, but the woman said that she would buy the oven alone. Most likely, the man suspected that there was something wrong about the woman’s intentions.

Nikolai went furious when Irina did not come home when it was already late at night. He tried to call her many times, but the woman did not answer any of the calls. Some time later he sent her a text message: “You can say goodbye to Katya.” The next message was sent a minute later: “And Dasha too.”

When Irina came home and asked the man what was going on, he said: “Go to the bedroom and you will see it yourself.”

Irina rushed to the girls’ room and saw that the girls’ beds were empty and the door of the balcony was opened.

A friend of the perpetrator, who was also interrogated, said that Nikolai had always been jealous of Irina. A gorgeous blonde woman with hazel eyes always attracted men’s attention.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov