Moscow Police Prevents Massive Invasion of Alien Leeches

One of Moscow law enforcement agencies discovered an underground laboratory where harmful leeches were grown. According to Yevgeny Gildeev, head of the Information and PR division of the regional Department of Internal Affairs, the leeches were brought from abroad and sold as medicinal ones.

The leech empire was destroyed in Lyubertsy - a town in the Moscow region. The owner of the lab was growing leeches in inhumane conditions, and even the personnel of the “factory” suffered from the brutalized creatures. Harmful leeches were sold both to residents of Moscow and the Moscow region.

When police broke into the lab, they found approximately 4,000 leeches. Only a part of them were kept in containers, and the rest were crawling on the floor, walls, and ceiling. They were everywhere, including the office adjacent to the lab, and an aquarium.

The lab was owned by Aramir Dzasokhov, an entrepreneur from Azerbaidzhan. He told the police that he has been in this business for 19 years. The entrepreneur brought the unusual goods from his home country and distributed it to medical establishments of Moscow and the Moscow region. He also sold his leeches on line .

According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, Dzasokhov tried to convince the police that during Tsarist times his family was a supplier for the royal family.

“I sell them at the fixed price of 39 rubles apiece,” Dzasokhov explained while the police were conducting inventory.

Later, all leeches were sent for an examination and were deemed harmful for human health.

Specialists found out that the said leeches were not medicinal, because medicinal leeches must be grown in specialized labs. The leeches in question were grown in nature, i.e., they were wild and caught in swamps. No one knows whose blood they sucked and what kind of infection they might carry.

Besides, there were territorial fights between the leeches. It turned out that the entrepreneur kept two kinds of leeches in his containers, Krasnodar leech and oriental leech. According to the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper, leeches were losing their healing properties during the “war actions,” infecting each other.

The harmful leeches terrorized the lab personnel as well. One of the employees said that he was once attacked by a leech and barely managed to take it off his leg.

The police was disturbed by the discovery. “They were crippling people with these leeches, not healing. These leaches caused spread of toxins through human blood that is harmful for circulatory system,” said one of the policemen.

The police discovered the underground lab after increasing complaints about negative result of leech therapy.

Dzasokhov is facing two to six years in prison for illegal enterprise.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov