Have the Russians Stolen Guinean Money?

Spanishnewspapers «El Mundo» and «El Paнs» accused Russian citizens instealing funds of the government of Equatorial Guinea in the amountof $ 26.4 million, which, according to the Spanish information, theGuinean officials were going to spend for purchase of real propertyin Spain. These newspapers inform as if Russian citizens Vladimir andJulia Kokorevs, who have been residing in Spain since 1997, havetaken money off the account of Equatorial Guinean President TheodoroObiang Ngema Mbasogo and escaped.

Knowingthat our Spanish colleagues have such a sin as Russophobia, wedecided to analyze the reasons given in these papers.

Wemanaged to investigate that Russian citizens Vladimir and JuliaKokorevs have been residing in Spain since middle 1990s and opened ashipyard there. Vladimir Kokorev is a former Soviet diplomat and, aswe found out, a well-deserved person. He is a doctor of philology.His works on Africa are still taught in Russian universities.

Readingattentively the said publications, we noticed a series of clearinconsistencies. «El Mundo» and «El Paнs» refer to Kokorev’sKalunga as a phantom company. However, Kalunga is a notoriousshipping company in West Africa. As we managed to investigate, forseveral years, Kalunga worked under contracts on cargo and passengerfreight and service of ships in Africa, in particular, undercontracts with the government of Equatorial Guinea. Then may be thesetransfers from American bank Riggs to the account of Kalunga withSpanish Santander were mere payments under these contracts?   Asto the amounts of these payments, this is sea freight rather thansale of snacks!

Have the Russians Stolen Guinean Money?
Have the Russians Stolen Guinean Money?
Furthermore,it is very strange that «El Mundo» and «El Paнs» decided toremind this fact now, five years after detection of theaforementioned payments. Because the audit of bank Riggs, which wasfinalized with a great scandal and historically largest penalty of $25 million, took place in 2004. At the same time, the Americanspecial services called to all their colleagues, including Spanishones, in order to carry out the audit for payments from Riggs. As itappeared, they carried out this audit immediately, not to suspend theorders of their “elder brother”. The Kokorevs were called to givethe explanations on the payments in favour of their company andanswered all the questions, so the Spanish prosecutors had no morequestions to them. The question is why this history is reminded yearslater. Probably, somebody in Spain needed it right now. Maybe, thereason is about the following elections in Equatorial Guinea to beheld in November? Maybe, somebody in Spain cannot wait to hinder thepresidential electoral campaign in the former colony, accusing thePresident in laundering the national funds? Then only the nationalGuinean legislation can have the competent opinion on this problem.

So,our Spanish colleagues are somewhat cunning. There is anotheralarming fact. The fact that all political games in Spain use the“Russian Mafia trace” as the change. And this fact is notpleasant.

P.S. As we managed to investigate, the Kokorevs have not escaped anywhere.And they are not going to escape but are ready to answer all thenecessary questions both to the Spanish prosecutors and competentnews agencies.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov