Former Commando Commits Four Crimes in Ten Days

A resident of the Volgograd region, a former commando, managed to commit four crimes in less than ten days. The man has been charged with robbery, murder threat, home invasion and causing severe bodily damage.

The 50-year-old man already has criminal record and was previously jailed, a police officer said.

The man, a gas station employee, was leading a usual indistinctive way of life. The man developed a love affair with his neighbor, a younger woman. The latter was not very much inspired with tokens of man’s attention.

The man was apparently determined to win the woman’s heart at all costs. He broke into her home, pulled out a knife and demanded his feelings and affection be returned and answered.

The woman somehow managed to escape from her passionate admirer. She immediately filed a police report.

The man was interrogated, but was not arrested.

Several days later, the man left to a neighboring region, where he attempted to rob a bank. He came to the bank late at night, when only a guard was staying there. Wielding a gun, the man told him to open the safe. The guard pressed the security alarm button, and the assailant had to flee.

The misfortune in the bank did not make the man stop. He knocked on a door of a house not far from the bank. The man apparently knew that the old lady, who was living in the house, was a seller of self-made alcohol drinks. When the old lady let him in, he told her that he would be her protection racket. The woman said that she was not in need any protection, but the man pulled out his gun at her.

The man was arrested while he was waiting for the woman to give him her money. The police took the man to the nearest station for interrogation, but released him again.

The man continued his adventure. He visited an old pal of his, who once borrowed 500 rubles ($8) from him. The former commando told his pal that he wanted his money back. The debtor did not want to pay it back. The adventurous man splashed gasoline on his pal and struck a match.

The victim was hospitalized in severe condition with numerous burns.

The man has been finally arrested. Most likely, he will have to spend several years of his life in prison, if convicted on all accounts.

Nina Sakharova
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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov