Experienced Doctor Kills Patient with Incompatible Blood

An experienced doctor from the Russian city of Suzdal, Khatimat Andriyevskaya, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter of her patient. The woman performed a blood transfusion operation on the patient, which resulted in his death.

Yury Udartsev, a 50-year-old male resident of Suzdal, was hospitalized with intestinal bleeding. He was transferred to the emergency department of the hospital to prepare him for a possible surgery.

Andriyevskaya decided to perform a blood transfusion operation on the patient and ordered concentrated red cells and frozen plasma of blood group O, Rh-positive, which corresponded to the patient’s blood.

“They brought the ordered blood from the blood bank, but the doctor took a different container with different blood for the operation. As a result, the patient received blood group A, Rh-positive,” a spokesperson for a local law-enforcement agency said.

The condition of the patient worsened considerably during the operation. His blood pressure dropped to 90-55, his temperature raised, he developed fever and nausea. Such symptoms prompted an immediate cessation of the aggressive medical therapy.

“Even clear and visible clinical symptoms, such as the dissociation of blood in the tubes, did not make the doctor stop the operation. The blood was not flowing in, but the doctor was continuing the operation,” a law-enforcement officer said.

Khatimat Andriyevskaya did notice the changes in the condition of the patient, but she preferred to make him injections instead of breaking the procedure. As a result, the man received 250 ml of incompatible blood.

The doctor discovered the incompatibility of blood groups after the operation, when she was filling out the documents. However, it was too late: the patient died of the shock reaction of his body to the transfusion of alien blood.

“If the doctor had conducted at least one blood group check procedure, it would have been possible to avoid the tragedy. Her behavior is very strange indeed – she is a professional medic, her experience counts many years of medical work,” an officer said.

Khatimat Andriyevskaya does not plead guilty, although the evidence to prove her negligence is obvious. If convicted, the woman may face up to three years in prison.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov