US Mission in Iraq To Remain Unaccomplished For Good

Forty-seven people were killed and over 130 injured as a result of new terrorist attacks against the Shiite majority in Iraq. Seventeen people were killed and about 80 were injured in Baghdad as a result of suicide bombers’ attacks.

Two car bombs ripped through the streets of the town of Mosul in the north of the war-torn nation. Up to 30 people were killed and over 50 injured in the explosions.

Six Shiite pilgrims were killed as a result of several explosions in Baghdad on Friday. Another car bomb exploded near a mosque in a Shiite village to the north of Mosul.

It seems that US forces in Iraq seem to be absolutely unable to stop the Sunni Jihadists. Every time when US soldiers attempt to destroy armed groups of Shiite rebels in the slums of Baghdad, they inevitably jeopardize the civil population.

That is why some Shiite officials come to unexpected conclusions as they compare events in their country. A Shiite cleric, for instance, has recently accused the USA of its association with Sunni rebels and Jihadists that struggle against the Shiites.

The Shiite community in Iraq suffered from brutal repressions of Saddam Hussein’s regime. Like Kurds, Shiites approved the collapse of the regime. However, the US military presence in the nation has not lead to peace.

The recent series of terrorist attacks in Iraq clearly shows that violence continues to escalate in the nation.

Robert Gates, the head of the Pentagon, said two weeks ago that the situation in Iraq was improving speedily. He also said that the US was ready to withdraw its troops from Iraq ahead of the previously scheduled date.

Gates’s bright outlook contradicts to Colonel Timothy Reese, whose memo was published in The New York Times. The high-ranking official harshly criticized the Iraqi government and the nation’s security forces, and said that the United States must pull out its troops from the country as soon as possible.

The military official pointed out that there was no point to expect anything positive from the Iraqi government because of corruption.

It seems that the United States is absolutely unable to accomplish its mission in Iraq. The US troops have been present in Iraq for seven years, but the war is still there.

Ivan Tulyakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov