North Korea Uses Children as Guinea Pigs to Test Chemical Weapons

North Korea is testing its “biological and chemical weapons” on “humans, specifically mentally or physically handicapped children,” Im Chun-yong, a former officer in the North Korean military who escaped to South Korea in 1999, said in an interview with the al-Jazeera.

"If you are born mentally or physically deficient, the government says your best contribution to society… is as a guinea pig for biological and chemical weapons testing,” the former officer was quoted as saying.

Im Chun-yong is a former captain in the North Korean military, who fled in 1999 with a number of soldiers. By his opinion it is high time to speak out as the world focuses on the North's nuclear program.

Pyongyang tests poisonous gases on humans, timing how long it takes for them to die, the officer said.

Im Chun-yong is not the first refugee immigrant to tell about wild North Korean experiments. However, there were no claims that children were used as guinea pigs in North Korea.

International experts estimated that Democratic People's Republic of Korea had several tons of chemical weapons. The stockpile of the chemical weapons does not increase, though the present stock is enough to do harm to South Koreans.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov