Russia identifies body fragments of Chechen terrorist Doku Umarov

The identification of the terrorists, who were killed near the settlement of Dattykh, the Ingushetia Republic, will be impossible without the DNA expertise. Doku Umarov, a Chechen terrorist leader, is said to be among the bodies. Experts have already taken blood samples from Umarov’s close relatives for the expertise, The Kommersant newspaper wrote.

The news about the liquidation of Doku Umarov appeared on Monday (June 8). It was reported that the renowned terrorist leader had died of the wounds as a result of the battle near the above-mentioned settlement. Other news agencies said that Russian fighter jets bombed the vehicle, in which the Chechen terrorists were trying to rescue their wounded leader. According to other news messages, Umarov escaped from the entrapment, but was later killed in a special operation in the woods. All of those stories said that Umarov’s body was found and delivered for identification.

Russian federal troops found Umarov’s terrorist camp on May 21 near the settlement of Dattykh, the Ingushetia Republic. There were about 60 gunmen in the camp. The troops used heavy artillery to attack the terrorists. Some of them managed to escape, although there were many fragments of their bodies found on the scene afterwards.

“There were many body parts found in the woods after the attack was finished. However, it will be difficult to identify many of the killed terrorists because they had their hands severely mutilated. It could be possible to identify many of them on their fingerprints,” a military official said.

All the remains have been numbered and delivered to an expert center of Russia’s Defense Ministry in a refrigerator, RIA Novosti news agency reports.

“Several whole bodies of the terrorists were delivered to the center a couple of days later. Four of them were identified as Doku Umarov’s bodyguards,” The Kommersant wrote. The four terrorists died as they were trying to cover the evacuation of their wounded leader. Umarov was reportedly taken away from the battlefield in a UAZ vehicle. The vehicle was subsequently destroyed with all of its passengers.

The whole bodies have already been identified. Doku Umarov has not been found among them. Experts say, though, that his remains can be found among the body fragments that have been delivered to the research center.

Doku Umarov has already “died” before. Russian special services said in January of 2005 that the terrorist had been seriously injured in a battle with the federal troops. It was later reported that Umarov had died of the wounds, although it later became known that he had survived.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov