Ukrainian man runs over 16 pedestrians over his hatred of Muscovites

Investigators of the Western District of Moscow arrested a man who ran over 16 pedestrians driving a hijacked car near the building of the Moscow State University. The man was identified as Boris Biba, 45, a national of Ukraine.

Biba told the police that he flagged down a car and forced the driver out threatening him with a knife. The Ukrainian also said that he had deliberately decided to run pedestrians over because he hated Muscovites a lot. He hijacked the car especially for that purpose.

“I hate Muscovites. I ran over those students because they would become officials in the future,” he told the police.

Eyewitnesses said that the man had increased the speed of his car after he saw a group of students on the pavement.

“The engine roared, but the car did not reach the full speed because of the ice on the road. If it wasn’t for the ice, he would have killed many of us,” Sergei Kuznetsov, one of the students who suffered in the accident said.

The police have every reason to believe that Biba is a mentally unbalanced individual.

“I have committed a crime. I hijacked a car and ran over those students. I spent my whole life working at very hard and harmful jobs. Officials would always give me a bad time. They committed genocide against me, they took away my apartment and created unbearable life conditions for me. I wanted to retrieve justice. I did not want to run over those students, I just wanted to frighten them,” Boris Biba said.

“I saw a TV report on February 23. They showed how a car ran over a woman with a child and none of them suffered. I did not even think that someone would suffer when I would run over those students. I just wanted to drive the car to the pavement and push two or three people slightly. It was my second time when I drove a car after all,” the detainee said.

“I am a technician, I assemble cars. I also worked as an employee of an electric power plant. My last job was a miner. I am divorced , my son is 6 now ,” he added.

Biba was driving a Chevrolet Lanos on Tuesday morning when he ran into the crowd of people near the pedestrian crossing not far from the Moscow State University. Sixteen people – most of them students - suffered various injuries. A young woman was hospitalized with a brain concussion.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov