Ariel Sharon's disease caused with ancient Kaballistic curse

A group of twenty men gathered at a cemetery of the Israeli town of Rosh Pina on a quiet night of July 23, 2005

The Prime Minister is still in critical but stable condition, and his life is not in immediate danger,” said Dr. Yoram Weis on Wednesday. Dr. Weis is one of the medical team treating the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Meanwhile, the 78-year-old politician showed movement on his left and right sides, and responded to the sound of music and the smell of food. On Wednesday night doctors lowered Ariel Sharon's sedation to a minimum so that he could awake from the coma in which he has lain after having suffered massive stroke and brain hemorrhage a few days ago.Ariel Sharon

In the meantime, the Israeli media are debating whether Ariel Sharon has fallen victim to some Orthodox Jews who allegedly put an ancient Kaballistic curse on him.

A group of twenty men gathered at a cemetery of the Israeli town of Rosh Pina on a quiet night of July 23, 2005. All of them were bearded, married, in their fifties. All but one were wrapped in black prayer shawls. The men were holding black candles in their hands. They were headed by one Josi Dayan, a rabbi and expert in Kaballah. The men gathered to put Pulsa da-Nura (“Lashes of Fire”), an ancient Kaballistic curse, on Ariel Sharon.

Kaballah is a system of esoteric theosophy and theurgy developed by rabbis. It is based on a mystical method of interpreting Scripture by which initiates claimed to penetrate sacred mysteries. The so-called practical Kaballah rests on the belief that man can partake in the Creation by using special rites, prayers, oral formulas, inscriptions and numbers. Centers for the study of Kaballah enjoy popularity around the world, especially in the United States. The pop icon Madonna is one of celebrity Kaballists in the U.S. Several Kaballistic groups have emerged in Russia over the last few years.

Back in Septemeber 2004, Josi Dayan announced that some Jewish radicals were ready to put a curse on Ariel Sharon for his carrying out the disengagement plan to withdraw a number of Jewish settlements from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Dayan reportedly got a go-ahead for the curse ritual from several rabbis. The ritual is said to have been performed in accordance with Zohar, the main book of Kaballah.

Pulsa de-Nura means “lashes of fire” in ancient Aramaic. During a ritual, a rabbi intones the ancient Aramaic chant Pulsa de-Nura to deliver an enemy of the Jewish people to the angels of wrath and ire. A person cursed by the pulsa denura should die within forty days, according to one source. Another source says that revenge can be postponed for some period of time.

In October 1995, Josi Dayan took part in a similar ceremony conducted outside the house of Yitzhak Rabin, the then Prime Minister of Israel, who was cursed for allowing Yasser Arafat to return to the Gaza Strip and starting talks on handing over part of Israeli lands to Palestine. Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated by right-wing extremists precisely forty days after he was cursed with the pulsa denura. Legend has it that the ancient ritual was performed against Adolf Hitler.

Leo Trotsky and Josef Stalin are rumored to have been cursed with the pulsa denura too. The Soviet dictator was cursed for allegedly planning genocide of the Jewish people.

Ariel Sharon was visiting Jacques Chirac in Paris when he was told about the curse that had been put on him. He asked his aids when the curse would come into effect. Sharon's aids told him that the curse might come into force in a few decades. “Then I do not care,” said Sharon philosophically.

Some Israelis believe that Sharon had been affected by the pulsa de-nura. Others are quite skeptical about the curse being used in Sharon's case. Rabbi Eliyagu Elias, a cabalist, has his doubts too. “The Jewish spiritual sages have not performed a real pulsa denura ritual for more than a thousand years,” said Elias. “The reports on the events in Rosh Pina have nothing to do with the pulsa denura, a method used by our Teachers two or three thousand years ago,” added he.

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Author`s name Olga Savka