Fishhooks all over the body keep a masochist happy

Documentary “Shocking Asia” was released a few years ago: it depicts the abnormality in great detail

Different people do different things to get a kick or two when life is too boring and regulated. Some can play their games without breaking the law. Others enjoy living on the edge and sometimes they get carried away to the point of no return.

There are other individuals whose aberrations are harmless to those who happen to be around. Contrary to popular belief, they have aberrations, not perversions. Such people need to indulge themselves in the celebration of their strange ways. Some need a public display of weirdness.

A three-day gathering of masochists took place in the USA. The people with a passion for the unorthodox use of fishhooks got together. Those guys stick huge fishhooks in their skin and flesh for suspending themselves under the ceiling. Some Americans teens are reportedly pretty much hooked on this latest idea of fun. Well, they say that a worm can get pleasure out of hanging on a fishhook so why not follow suit?

The Western youth likes to embrace new ideas and tendencies borrowed from exotic parts of the world. Cannabis smoking was part of Rastafarian culture in Jamaica for ages. Then the Americans came around and rolled the first joint. The smell of marijuana has been hovering above the campuses ever since. The latest craze, the fishhook thing, was borrowed from the East. The controversial documentary called “Shocking Asia” was released a few years ago. It depicts the abnormality in great detail including scenes of self-mutilation in India where people were piercing their noses, cheeks, and other body parts with hooks in a apparent religious frenzy. 

The American festival went smoothly. Thousands of masochists from across the U.S.A. flocked in a derelict textile mill in Rhode Island. The participants were to pay around $100 per person for a fishhook experience under the ceiling. The onlookers were to pay $15. The hooks used for recreational purposes were 3-inch fishhooks. They were inserted into the skin in quantities required for holding a person afloat in the air. According to eyewitness accounts, no body parts were spared. However, a position called “Superman” enjoyed the greatest popularity. The position requires putting hooks all over the back and the upper parts of legs.

By the way, those guys can be easily offended if somebody calls them “masochists”. They say that they are the devotees of special “spiritual practices” that aim to overcome the pain. So it smells like India again minus trance and old-time traditions.

Boris Alekseev

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Author`s name Olga Savka