CIA's remote viewers initiated quest for WMD in Iraq

Extrasensory agents helped the CIA arrest KGB spies and detect secret objects in the USSR

Seventy-three thousand pages of secret documents have recently been declassified in the United States. The information unveiled the activity of two special groups that worked with extrasensory individuals. The CIA had to acknowledge that it used remote viewers and other individuals possessing paranormal abilities for intelligence purposes.

The groups of extrasensory individuals apparently worked without having any links with each other. One of those groups was searching for information about spying on the territory of the USA (counterintelligence), another one was dealing with identification of nuclear and other secret objects in the country of an enemy (strategic intelligence).

The two groups achieved quite impressive results in their work. The Polish and East-German residents, as well as other agents from several “NATO-friendly” countries of Western Europe were destroyed owing to the efforts of the first group. Aldrich Ames, a KGB agent, was detected with special groups' help too.

American counterintelligence officers had a suspicion of having a spy within the CIA, although there was absolutely no information about him. A remote viewer involved in the detecting process gave the following description: “The man lives on the outskirts of Washington, owns a very expensive foreign car, he is married to a Latin American woman, most likely a Colombian, and he likes grey.” Six CIA agents matching the description were put under strict observation – Aldrich Ames was caught as a result of the further investigation.

Extrasensory individuals from the strategic intelligence unit helped the CIA find a Soviet nuclear test ground in Semipalatinsk and a Chinese test ground in Lop-Nor. American agents had information about certain objects of paramount importance in those areas. However, it was impossible for them to find out, what kind of object they were exactly – secret factories, military grounds or powerful centers to test and launch ballistic missiles.

”Psychic spy” Joseph McMoneagle also known as “remote viewing agent #001” was shown a spot on the map of the USSR, where the mysterious secret object was supposedly located, as CIA agents thought. McMoneagle put his finger on the map and described the image that he saw in his mind:

”It is a congregation of low stone and concrete buildings. A huge underground warehouse filled with lethal weapons…Not only missiles. There are other square and round items there. I see a very high column of smoke, bearing some semblance to a huge lifting crane, rising above the area (it was most likely the smoke of a nuclear blast). The people inhabiting that place are sick. Their hair is receding, their bones are putrefying. They deliver sick children, and they are still obsessed with some idea.” 

It was quite an eloquent description for secret agents to understand, what kind of an object was located in Semipalatinsk (which is now a town in the republic of Kazakhstan). Then CIA Director Richard Helms moved the paranormal espionage from the category “Research” to the category “Practice.” Joseph McMoneagle's success as a remote viewer increased the funding of such unusual activities, not to mention the improved moral aspect. The US authorities spent about $2 million a year on a rather small group of 20 extrasensory individuals in the 1990s.
Other achievements of American psychic agents include: factories making weapons of mass destruction in third world countries, including Iraq (it is not ruled out that the information about WMD in Iraq sprang from remote viewers. Extrasensory intelligence officers also developed certain recommendations to recruit CIA agents and rendered some other services too.

The CIA administration has apparently come to conclusion that it was not profitable to spend time and money on paranormal activities against the background of the up-to-date technological development. The above-mentioned declassified materials were accompanied with a statement that the work of psychic groups was shut down within CIA's framework in 1997. Now the agency prefers to use spying satellites and “live bugs” - microchips, which can be implanted in flies, cockroaches and ants.

Journalists thanked the CIA administration to exposing such interesting materials, although they did not believe that the remote-viewing project had been closed. Reporters managed to find out that the paranormal project had been handed over to the Pentagon's intelligence, the directors of which declined all comments. An anonymous colonel of the US Air Force said that the American government would eliminate the project completely only if Russia abolished it first.

Sergei Nechiporuk

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Author`s name Olga Savka