Nondrinkers to attack "Kalashnikov"

Vodka “Kalashnikov” named after the infamous Russian machinegun inventor has recently become the main target of criticism of local teetotalers from the Alcohol Focus Scotland organization.

Apparently, they did not find the brand name to be too appealing. According to the members of the organization, the product “advocates terror and violence” since it enables people to draw logical parallel between the famous Soviet machinegun AK-47. That is why this vodka is considered dangerous.

Well, this is no secret that many Russian products oftentimes do not get approval abroad. By the way, “Kalashnikov” has been on the Russian market for over a decade now. In the course of these years, there has not been one instance when an individual wanted to get a hold of the gun and shoot everyone after drinking this vodka.

So, it seems that all the complaints of the British moralists appear to be nothing more than mere competitor’s hoax. Vodka, despite its name, has pretty much the same qualities and affects one’s liver in the same way if consumed in large quantities. It is capable of impairing one’s ability to walk straight; however, bullets have nothing to do with it.

Then again, what about Scottish whiskey “Johnny Walker”? No one seems to have problems with it. To drink or not to drink, this is for people to decide.

As for the famous Russian inventor himself, such vodka production was intended to promote his image. 
Maxim Chizhikov

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov