On-line school for female kamikazes

The first issue of an on-line journal entitled “Al-Hansa” has recently appeared on the World Wide Web. It is designed specifically to train Muslim women to become suicide-bombers.

The site is a subsidiary of another on-line edition “Voice of Jihad.” It is supported by the bureau of women’s press on the Arabian peninsula. Abdulaziz Al-Mukrin, leader of a local “Al Qaeda” group in Saudi Arabia, who was killed in June of 2004 used to be one of the initiators of the project.

Pagan poet and the Web

Al-Hansa Tumadir bint Amr from the Suleim tribe was a famous Arab poet (end of VI century – 664). She had mourned deaths of her brothers in her rather unclear elegies back in pre-Islamic times. In Arabic this genre of lyrical poetry is called “marsa”. Expert in Arabic studies L.I. Klimovich writes the following: “There is absolutely no connetion between those statements in Koran that praise war as fulfillment of God’s wish, Allah’s and the Prophet’s wishes and the words of the Arab poet Al-Hansa.”

One of her lyrical poems portrays a sister’s grief as she mourns the loss of her brother. The work belongs to the kind of ancient Arabic poetry that quite clearly portray the way people view war: it portrays people as strong and masculine, not being afraid to overcome any obstacles on the way to victory.”

 “Blood of our husbands and body parts of our children – this is our sacrifice,” reads the first issue of “Al-Hansa”. Or as the poet used to write it herself: “Those are not curses  and knives that destroy them, but the passion for peace.”

Koran contains enough arguments concerning the necessity to implement military discipline. The outcome of any battle depends on the discipline, not quantity of servicemen.

That is why the newly released edition teaches humble wives of radical Islamists to support their husbands and to bring up their children in the best traditions of “fighting with the unfaithful.” One of the most popular topics on the site are physical upbringing, CPR, physical development.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov