Russia to restore its image abroad

Many countries invest big money in PR.

They all seek to fulfill two major goals: to attract tourists and investments. Talks concerning the issue of improving Russia’s image abroad have been going on for quite some time now. However, no national program pertaining to the subject matter has been developed yet.

On Monday, Russian president Vladimir Putin addressed Russian ambassadors from various countries with a proposition to withstand the anti-Russia campaign. The details of the campaign were omitted. However, everyone was faced with clear orders to improve the country’s image abroad. But how?

“A country forms its image based on three criteria,” states president of the center of communicative technologies “Propaganda” Natalya Mandrova. “Therefore, government today faces the following task: it needs to understand what moves to take, what tactics to apply in order to represent its interests abroad systematically.”

“The three major criteria are government, business and society. In order to reach maximum results, all of these components have to act together.”

Lately, the government is trying to find proper approach to non-governmental organizations. In his address to the Federal Council President Putin has emphasized the need to develop our society with the help of various non-profit organizations.
At the same time, states Natalya Mandrova, “it is of utmost importance to support the words with the actual deeds. We must learn to react to global issues, such as AIDS, tuberculosis and others. It is practically impossible to attain financial means for such projects.”

“Our country should possess three major criteria in order to be respected by its western neighbors,” says managing director of the National Strategy Council Valery Khomyakov. Accoridng to him, the criteria are as follows: freedom of speech, stable economic situation within the country as well as people’s ability to think differently.

Aside from these three major factors, there also exist various others, which are just as important! “It is also important to pay attention at the way our cities look, our service at the International airport in Moscow or rather total lack of such, the way our drivers behave on the roads, or the way people behave in the Moscow metro. How do all of these things affect foreigners?” ponders Valery Khomyakov.
Experts consider that the global campaign aimed at improving Russia’s image will take up to 20 years and require $1 to 1.5 billion USD per year. However, at this time its is hard to make any estimates.

As far as various stereotypes are concerned, many assume the following:

-that we have the most beautiful women,
-that this is a country where one can experience real extreme of a lifetime…in everything!
-that the Russian soul is something remarkable,
and so on.

As for the disadvantages:
-hard drinking,
-people tend to be unreliable,
-ability to manipulate the law,
-terrible stench in public toilets,
-total disrespect of human rights,
- loutishness,
-YUKOS business…

Ilona Vinogradova

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov