Fatal eggs of Victor Vekselberg

Russian energy tycoon Victor Vekselberg has purchased the largest private collection of Faberge Easter Eggs at the Sotheby's auction and brought it to Moscow. Now he has to deal with consequences…

Victor Vekselberg's spokesman called creditors' claims of the “First City Bank” concerning the Faberge egg collection “financial blackmailing”.

“This is absolutely ridiculous situation; ridiculous claims of certain individuals very much resemble financial blackmailing,” stated official representative of the “Time connection” fund Andrei Shtorkh Tuesday evening.

Members of the initiative group of creditors of the First city bank made a statement Tuesday live on the “Echo of Moscow” radio station that they've filed a lawsuit to impose a penalty on Vekselberg for presumed damages. Creditors suggest arresting Vekselberg's private Faberge egg collection as a way to punish the man.

In 2002, the First city bank stopped working with its clients. Creditors claim that the bank's chairman has vanished along with all the money. According to creditors, certain portion of the assets has been transferred to “Alba Alliance” bank, of which Vekselberg is supposedly the owner.

Other sources suggest that “Alba Alliance” bank is a subsidiary of “Sovlink”, of which one of Vekselberg’s organizations is shareholder.

Shtorkh stated that “neither the 'Time connection' fund, nor Vekselberg himself or his 'organizations' have nothing to do with creditors of the First city bank.” “This has nothing to do with the Faberge collection either. The situation reminds me of the story of the Swiss company 'Noga', which attempted to arrest sailing ship 'Sedov'. This is classical financial blackmailing,” declared Shtorkh.

According to him, the collection will be exhibited in Moscow and other Russian cities in future as well.

Shtorkh is certain there exist no grounds whatsoever for arresting the collection as a way to pay off the creditors. “I cannot imagine any court to issue such verdict,” said an official representative of the “Time connection,” reports RIA “Novosti".

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov