Stalin's great grandson to make "American Dream" come true

Great grandson of Joseph Stalin Vissarion Djugashvili intends to make a movie depicting the “American dream."

“Now I want to make a short film about the American dream. This will be a sad and at the same time, happy love story. I want to resemble my personal feelings of life here in the States into a playful film,” stated Djugashvili to RIA “Novosti”. Recently, Djugashvili has presented his documentary “Yakov-the Stalin's son” in Washington.

“Movie industry has died in Georgia. I hope I will be able to reach success here,” added the 38-y year-old director, who’s currently living in the United States.

Djugashvili's film “Yakov-the Stalin's son” was made in 2001 together with German cinematographers. It has not premiered in Russia yet. Recently, the film has been shown in New York during the Red Shift Film Festival, founded by one Russian immigrant, director Yuri Gavrilenko.

“Yakov-the Stalin's son” tells a story of a tragic life of the director's grandfather Yakov Djugashvili, youngest son of Joseph Stalin. Yakov Djugashvili was taken hostage during the fight in Belarus; he died in 1943 in a concentration camp in “Zaxenhaus.”

“I love him and am proud of him; I would like to resurrect and hug him,” tells the director.

According to the cinematographer, he experiences mixed feelings towards Stalin. He does consider for certain that Stalin was “a man of his word and deed.”

At the same time, according to the director, Stalin would have never agreed to accept the offer of German commandership to exchange his own son for a captive of the Red Army Frederick Pauls.

“Stalin would have never done anything like that,” said Djugashvili.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov