How many Russians celebrate Victory Day?

On May 9th Russia celebrate Victory Day 

55% of Russians consider Victory Day an official State holiday. Such data has been reported by Yuri Levada's Analytical Center.

Another 42% consider this to be people's holiday; 3% of respondents called this holiday “simply as day off.”

Most often, those who voted for the “United Russia” and “Rodina” political parties during the November elections consider May 9th official Victory Day.

Those Russians who voted for “Yabloko”, Communist party “KPRF” or “SPS” think that this is a just people's holiday. This day does not seem to have any significance for those Russians who refused to vote in the first place. For them, this is just another day off.

The survey also revealed that 60% of Russians intend to celebrate this holiday properly. In 1995 however, when the country was celebrating 50th Anniversary of Victory (since WWII), 82% of Russians provided such answer, lament sociologists.

The reason for such drastic decrease of those who cherish and follow the tradition can be explained in fact. The thing is that many of the veterans and their relatives have already died. The younger generation in turn treats this day as nothing more than history and unable to draw direct correlation between those events of 1940s and their own lives.

1600 Russians participated in the survey conducted the day before May 9th.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov