The Chechens will get their "Grammar" and "History" for New Year's

“Philologists are currently working on a fundamental text-book on Chechen grammar. The two volume edition is expected to be published at the end of this year,” Administration of the Republic reported.

Moreover, preparation of a fundamental scientific research, History of Chechnya, is proceeding at full speed. The first volume of this edition will also be published by the end of 2004.

A representative of the Agency also said that the last year and a half could be regarded as a turning point in the development of scientific research in Chechen Republic. To a great extent it happened with the help of the Russian Academy of Science. The money granted by the Academy was spent on necessary devices for research in the spheres of physics, chemistry and mechanics, as well as for building repairs.

“At the moment, Chechen scientists can carry on not only theoretical, but also practical research without leaving the Republic, whereas not so long ago they had to do their laboratory experiments in the institutes of Moscow and Kabardino-Balkarian State  University,” stated the Administration spokesman.

According to his words, Chechen scientific researchers have recently defended 15 Ph.Ds and 5 doctoral theses. Preparation of joint Academic Counsels of the Complex Scientific Research Institute and the Chechen State University in currently under way.

“An important assistance in rehabilitation of the Academy of Science of Chechnya is being rendered by Ahmad Kadirov, President of the Republic, who defended his Ph. D. thesis in political science in the Institute of Social and Political Research of the Russian Academy of Science last year,” stated the interlocutor of RIA “Novosti”.

Irina Alexeyeva

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov