Tsereteli's Putin

President of the Russian Art Academy, famous sculptor Surab Tsereteli revealed that he's been working on the sculpture of Russian President Vladimir Putin for two years already.

He also mentioned he is making the sculpture of bronze and it is height will be “twice as big as the original”.

“In case the sculpture turns out to be good, I intend to place it in the museum so that everyone could see it,” stated the artist. Tsereteli also noted that he wasn’t able to name his work just yet. Today, the working title of the sculpture is “The Russian Truth,” analogous to the name of the ancient Russian code of laws. Another one of his working titles is “Russia XXI”.

“I create an image of the president; in case it turns out good, I will place it in the museum to enable people of all generations to take a look at that wisdom, that I tried to portray,” remarked Surab Tsereteli.

Russian president did not pose for the unfading masterpiece of Zurab Tsereteli, reports “Interfax”. The sculptor comments the following: “All talented artists have been working by memory. Veroccio, Donatello, Michelangelo, all of them used to choose such method. They attempted to capture and depict one's inner world of emotions, character, to create an image while portraying one’s personal unique traits.”

“I am one of those artists, who, if they like an image or a person, can portray him on the language of clay,” remarked the sculptor.

Ever since September 2002, Tsereteli has been hinting at the idea of creating a sculpture of the Russian leader. He used to say, “photographs of the president in motion are simply remarkable.” “Every artist would want to portray that.”

At the same time, Tsereteli noted that he had “never painted political leaders because it contradicted his spirit.”

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov