Metrosexuality to Put End to War of Sexes?

It is quite natural that following the West the cult of metrosexuality will gain great popularity in this country as well
This mysterious word "metrosexuality" must be familiar to you already from TV programs or newspaper publications. The word is sometimes associated with the familiar words - homosexuality, bisexuality and trans-sexuality. Discussions on the issue are rather stormy in the West today.

Today not only popular stars like David Bowie, David Backham and Philip Stark are inclined to metrosexuality, but even ordinary men in developed countries adhere to the new cult. It is quite natural that following the West the cult will gain great popularity in this country as well. What is metrosexuality in fact?

The phenomenon of metrosexuality first appeared in show business. The same way like the dandyism emerged in the heart of Britain's aristocracy at the beginning of the 20th century, metrosexuality appeared among today's aristocracy, the show business. At first, David Bowie pretended he was a white delicate duke, following him Curt Cobain started wearing a dress and a slip, then David Backham put on sandals revealing black colored pedicure, made up the eyes and lips. Soon, thousands of sleek men went into the streets of London and New York and resembled well-groomed dogs before a dog exhibition.   

The notion of a metrosexual gave rise to violent disputes and discussions. This is the definition of a man, a young one as a rule, with good income and attending beauty salons, solarium, fitness clubs. Such men usually know all modern tendencies in make up and fashion. They spend their spare time at parties and attend all opening nights, as they do need some audience to demonstrate their personal beauty achievements. What is the characteristic of a metrosexual? This man has 20 sorts of perfume in the bathroom, changes ties very often, has dozens of pairs of shoes and wears a handkerchief matching the color of a carnation in the buttonhole. At that, these men have traditional sexual preferences. Psychologists explain the phenomenon of metrosexuality with emancipation: the problem is that women have penetrated so deep into the men's territory that men in their turn want to enter the women's zone to study it better. It is curious that metrosexuality is rather a game for popular figures who use it to draw more attention while ordinary people follow the new style for self-expression.  

No wonder that men want to be handsome and smart. The history of aristocracy reveals that men wanted to look smart in all epochs (remember wigs, powder and caftans embroidered with gems). As the society developed, women became more inclined to comfort: they preferred trouser suits to skirts, gave up corsets and so on. Men on the contrary stick now to obvious excesses. This is true that beauty salons and make up producers greatly profit from these excesses. Metrosexuality makes the cosmetics market grow every year.

It is said: cherchez la femme. Since end of the past century, women lay too many claims as concerning men. Whatever one may say but today men must differ from their predecessors. Women want to make families with faithful, calm and devoted to home men, which are rather men of a feminine type. At that, women want to have children with more manly men who are more problematic in fact. Thus, men are in a dilemma and have to change according to the demand created by women. We should also keep in mind that an entire generation today has been brought up by women. Indeed, governesses in kindergartens and teachers at school are women, mothers and grandmothers are usually more powerful educators today. This fact makes men adapt to women's demands.  
The new phenomenon of metrosexuality provokes different opinions. Opponents blame metrosexuals for the destruction of a myth about a strong austere man who does not wear manicure and dislikes creams. Psychologists say that the problem lies deeper than cosmetics innovations for men. In fact, the gender differences cultivated by the society during several centuries are of no great importance in the 21st century. Some social psychologists insist that a new epoch is approaching when the war of sexes will be replaced with their peaceful neighborhood.

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Author`s name Michael Simpson