”Secret Russian weapons” still terrify Americans

These missiles terrify Americans, and US lobbyists do their best to force Russia to destroy these weapons.
SS-18 Missile (Satan)
Having Satan missile, Russia may not be afraid of the US withdrawal from the Anti-Missile Treaty and anti-missile systems.
This missile has  Multiple Independently – Targetable Reentry Vehicle and is still invulnerable for anti-missile systems. SS-18 missile bears 16 platforms, one of them contains false targets system. After reaching high orbit, all missile heads become hidden in the cloud of false targets and therefore invulnerable for radars.
The missile heads are armored with the use of extremely dense and heavy metal Uranium-239. Such an armory cannot be burnt by laser in foreseeable future.

UP-100N Missile 

Originally this missile complex had good technical and tactical capacities, yet there were some drawbacks in it. Big teams of designers started working on its improvement in 1977, and in 1979 many its systems were refined.

The new missile had more reliable engine, operating control system and more powerful military equipping.  The flight distance became longer. Operating the missile became easier along with improving its protecting system from nuclear explosion. The missile is remarkable for its simple design and high degree of its systems reliability. 
Topol M Complex

In 1995 first information appeared about new Topol-M missile complex and its adding to the Russian armory arsenal. It underwent testing at that time.
The first four launchings were of success, and this allowed Russian Ministry of Defense to speed up checking the complex military capacities. The Ministry accepted the complex for the Missile Strategic Troops on December 25, 1997.
Taman Missile Division in Samara region received the first two intercontinental Topol-M shaft complexes (SS-X27 by the NATO classification).
Heavy Missile with Laser Pointing

S-25-0 missile is 3307 millimeters long and weights 381 kilograms. Its charge weights 150 kilograms and is equipped with a radio fuse exploding the charge at the height from 5 to 20 meters depending on the preliminary fuse set-up. Up to 10 thousand fragments were created by the missile explosion.
Air MA-31 Target Pointing System 

MA-31 is capable of reaching the target within 130 kilometers.  Its cruising altitude ranges is from 100 up to 15,000 meters.  The flight route is inserted in the system computer.  In the march sector the missile can reach the speed of 750 meters per second. The system is equipped with a combined direct-flow air rocket engine. 
 X-55 Cruise Rocket

It is capable to hit stationary targets with high degree of precision.  TU-95MC bomber can carry up to six X-55 missiles. Supersonic TU-160 can carry 12 long-range missiles with extra tanks. After the USSR collapse most of such missiles remained outside Russia, in Kazakhstan and Ukraine. 
 Yakhont (Ruby) Supersonic Missile – one of the best in the world
 The main advantage of the missiles of this class is supersonic cruising speed making the missile invulnerable for air-defense. The missile has navigation system and self-pointing head and is capable to hit with its 200-300 kilogram war-head modern military ship of cruiser class at the distance up to 300 kilometers. Several such missiles can destroy aircraft carrier.о 300 км. авианосец.
Burya (Storm) Cruise Missile
This missile was designed according the aircraft scheme with triangular wing and thin jet profile.  The missile body is cylinder-shaped and narrowed from the front and behind, the missile is equipped with direct-flowair rocket (SPVRD) RD-012 engine.
Granite Sea Based Cruise Missile 

To solve Russian Navy’s critical problem of fighting aircraft carriers, commanders of Soviet and Russian fleet used anti-ship cruise missiles. The methods for fighting aircraft carriers are being developed and trained by special naval operations of Russian Northern and Pacific Fleets.
X-35 Missile
Penetrating splinter, high explosive incendiary part of the missile allows to hit above-water ships having tonnage up to 500 tons. Military effectiveness of the missile is increased by flying at extremely low altitudes (3-5 meters depending on the wave height). This makes the interception of the rocket by means of ship anti-missile devices more difficult.  When launched, the missile carrier does not enter the zone of air-defense of the ship under attack. It is launched from the altitude from 200 up to 5000 meters.
 R-77 Missile

This is a modified missile of the “Air-to-Air” class. Contemporary Russian MiG-31M fighter planes have this missile.
X-29T Missile

X-29T missile is designated for hitting visually seen ground and above-water targets such as reinforced concrete covers, stationary railway and highway bridges, industrial constructions, depots, ships. 
Club Missile-Torpedo
Club system is produced by Novator designing bureau in the city of Ekaterinburg. It is installed in submarines for hitting ships.   It can pass the distance up to 300 kilometers and launched from stationary torpedo device having 0.533 meters in diameter. The cruising altitude is 20 meters above the sea level. By developing this complex, Russian designers founded a counterbalance to contemporary foreign missile complexes, such as Asrok, Milas and Otomat.
 Tochka (Dot) Missile
 This SS-21 intermediate-range ballistic missile is capable of bearing nuclear  warhead. It can pass average distances and bears 125 kilograms of explosives. 
R-33 Missile

This missile is designated for intercepting and hitting flying devices of various types, including low altitude cruise missiles, at the distances over 100 kilometers, in the daytime and at night, under various weather conditions, at big range of targets altitude and speed.
R-27 Missile
R-27 intermediate range ballistic missiles are designated for intercepting and destroying aircrafts of all types and cruise missiles at long and average distances.
X-59 Ovod-М Missile

X-59M missile is designated for hitting small ground and above-sea targets (in parking areas and sea ports) of known location, which were visually discovered by plane operator. The missile is known as AS-18 “Kazoo” in the West.
Mosquito Missile

This recently developed Russian missile is invisible for enemy air-defense devices and designated for hitting ships. The missile has extremely high precision degree, it annihilates itself in case of deviating from the target.  This is the most modern anti-ship weapon.
 Vikhr (Hurricane) Complex
 This complex is capable of effective destroying both the ground targets and flying objects having speed up to 800 kilometers per hour. High supersonic speed of the missile contributes to invulnerability of the attacking helicopter carrying it and allows to hit several targets at one attempt. The missile passes the distance of 4 kilometers in 9 seconds. The US most powerful helicopter anti-tank FGN-114K Hellfire rocket passes this distance in 15 seconds and has no supersonic speed.

Source: Vlasti.net

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova