Repentant Healer Confesses of Connection with Devil

Can people become healers just having paid money for a certificate?
Former healer and extrasensory individual Mikhail Kokotinsky tells a really scary story. As it turns out, people will not get rid of vampirism even if they feel fagged out and give up attending extrasensory people or those who claim themselves to be magicians. Such healers may fasten some ray to their patients to exhaust energy from people; this provokes extreme fatigue and may even result in death.

-Mikhail, tell us please how you became a healer.

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, experienced occultism, magic and parapsychology boom in the early 1990s. At that period I worked as a school teacher. Once, I saw an appliance called Bion was used to check the strength of power with ordinary people in the street. After that examination I realized that I had some healing talent. I joined special courses, then was granted a diploma of a bioenergetics operator, a specialist working with subtle energies that cannot be registered by ordinary devices. I studied a program on realization of biological energy and on raising people's sensory capabilities. Bulgarian healer Ivan Jotov shared his experience with us at the lessons.

-How did you apply the knowledge obtained at the course?

We came to the head physician of a polyclinic in Kiev and offered to cooperate. As far as the man believed neither in God or devil or extrasensory men, he immediately demanded to present evidence proving the extrasensory capabilities. A conference of medical experts was immediately summoned where several patients were also present. We knew nothing of the people and their medical histories, however we managed to define their diagnoses correctly and even characterized some diseases in detail. Soon after the consultation, together with other specialists who finished the special course we were allowed to receive patients in the polyclinics. The decision to let us have medical practice was agreed with high medicine authorities of course.

- Tell us how exactly you worked to heal people.

We resorted to speech and hypnosis, we influenced people's subconsciousness. We designed a special device to determine if people's biological space was injured. I could tell people about those diseases they had suffered being children; I felt some mysterious voice whispered this sort of information in my ears. That made me feel a peculiar person and flattered my self-esteem. It was our responsibility to tell patients that after such sйances they must go to church and confess.

-You did good by sending people to church…

This is what I thought myself at that time. However, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I came to church to confess and replenish my energy resources. Today, I can meet such people in Kiev-Pechora Lavra sometimes. They not only pray but also touch the walls and the columns of the monastery to replenish their energy sources. Fortunately, they do not pose any danger for other people in the Orthodox Church.

-Could you see other people's aura?

Aura is a grayish envelope resembling oval luminescence. The size and the form of aura depend upon the state of health of some particular man. If some organ is diseased, aura is injured in that area where it closely approaches the organ. Injuries of this kind can be closed with no contact massage. Sensitive hands of an extrasensory man emit energy thus restoring people's aura and improving their health even within a long range. I conducted phone consultations and patients felt the touch of my fingers.

-Do you think that anyone may become an extrasensory person?
It is not only desire that people need to become extrasensory persons. Only people with strong energy space and capable of influencing other people may become extrasensory individuals. Unfortunately, today people can obtain diplomas with money. When I attended the courses, one of the students wanted to revenge himself upon other people and to put his knowledge to evil ends. As a rule, "healers" of this sort use their licenses granted by the Health Care Ministry to cheat people out of their money.

- Does the Health Care Ministry realize the danger that extrasensory individuals may cause?

As far as the Ministry felt helpless to cope with many diseases, it allowed alternative medicine to try and cure theseailments; that in its turn gave rise to training of a large number of certified extrasensory experts. In fact, these extrasensory individuals are spiritual descendants of sorcerers and witches, the ones who were so severely persecuted by the Inquisition. The official medicine has not yet formed a general view of the nature and the origin of mental (neuropsychic) diseases. Russian Academician Krapivin studied activity of the human brain and arrived at the following depressing conclusion: "It is believed that meditation is good for people's health as it reduces the breathing rhythm, the rate of plasma lactate in blood and causes myocardial relaxation. This unusual condition is believed to be the best relaxation. However, closer examination of electroencephalograms reveals that it is not relaxation at all, but unusual and strange condition of the human brain; this is dangerous mobilization of brain resources and the physiological strength of the brain."  Orthodox psychiatrists this very condition opens up the soul’s inner side and lets occult people in.

- Why does it happen that in need people are inclined to appeal to extrasensory individuals rather than to priests?

They appeal to extrasensory men in hope for immediate recovery; people want to get rid of some bad luck in a moment, but not after years of prayers and confessions. When a man attends sйances of extrasensory individuals they have no idea that the good and the evil forces have started a violent struggle for his soul. I made sure of it when I saw the negative of a picture taken during christening of a baby; a light-struck silhouette of the baby's guardian angel could be perfectly seen over the font. The invisible parallel world does exist no matter whether we believe in it or not. It has been defined that this world is more densely populated than our traditional world; it consists of the super-intellect, the world of good and evil spirits and the subtle world of souls. Human eyes can perceive just abnormal phenomena of one of these worlds, poltergeist or UFO for instance.

-When did you realize the danger of your healing activity?

Once I asked a priest to give his blessing to my sйances, but the latter refused. I was told my activity was pure Satanism. That made me start thinking if people could become healers just having paid money for a certificate.

- May it be the Satan that gives people the talent of healing other men?

The Satan aims at ruining our souls by creating the vision of bodily healing. This is the reason why extrasensory individuals conduct evil spirits and turn into spiritual vampires. Sйances of such "healers" leave people extremely weak and exhausted. This sorcery directed against the God's and the man's will. I noticed several times that my patients felt bad, especially during reading prayers. They went incredibly mad when I sent them to Kiev-Pechora Lavra. That suggested me that I was doing something wrong. Later, my extrasensory teacher told me that activity of healers was illegal, as the church did not bless it. Soon after that I started attending the Sunday school.

-May an extrasensory person put an evil eye off somebody, to protect from witches or black magicians?

The devil is the father for all of them. In this case we speak not of relieving the evil eye, but rather of strengthening people's trust in devil' servants working hard to involve more victims in Satanism.  Sorcerers may sometimes act under the guise of Protestant preachers who use the Bible for their personal ends. Unlike in this country, extrasensory individuals and sorcerers in the West can be called to account for their activity and even fined. The maximal compensation for damage to people's health may reach $1.5 million in the US, $0.7 million in Canada and $0.3 million in Australia.

- What are your recommendations those who want to become secured against the injurious influence of such healers?

I always warn people against attending sйances of this sort; but if you come there accidentally, do not look into the eyes of a healer. Otherwise you may fall under the effect of hypnosis and lose control. This is important that people with stronger inner worlds have safer protection from the evil forces in crowded places.

The interview was conducted by
Valentin Kovalsky

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Author`s name Michael Simpson