Russian Faithful To Celebrate Easter Tomorrow, April 27

Easter ceremonies of the Russian faithful

Colorful eggs are essential for Easter ceremonies. People hardly ever try to get to the true point of this custom. A lot of mythical and poetic traditions use the image of the global egg, from which the Universe and creative energy comes out.

It goes without saying that an egg has always been playing an important role in fertility rituals. An egg took the central place in Easter rituals too. Slavic people, for example, scattered egg shell on fields in order to have a rich harvest in the future. In addition to that, it was believed that Easter eggs affected personal relations as well. It was particularly considered that a woman would become more desirable for men, if she washed her face from a bucket of water with a red egg on the bottom on it.

It is also believed that people can secure good health for a year on the Palm Sunday, which is actually called Willow Sunday in Russia. One has to eat three willow buds, drink some sacred water and say the following incantation: "Saint Paul waved willow, kept ailments off me. The Willow Sunday is revered, ailments do not get passed on me. Amen."

According to Russian people's tradition, it is possible to get rid of any negative influence on the last Thursday before Easter - Pure Thursday, as it is called in Russia. One should wash themselves before dawn, saying these words: "I wash away what has been set upon me, what my soul and body suffer from, Pure Thursday washes everything away." A girl can become more attractive on Pure Thursday, if she says the following words when she washes her face: "Pure Thursday is bright and beautiful, and I (name) will be beautiful for everyone. Amen."

One ought not to throw Easter eggs shell out: people put it in water for a while and then drink it: it is believed that this water makes it possible to get rid of a sickness. A candle that is lit on the day of Christ's Resurrection in a church will help to clean the energy of a house: after the faithful go back home from a church, they burn out a little cross on a front door-post. If people hear the ringing of Easter bells, they say the following line three times: "Christ resurrected, health to my family, welfare to my house, harvest to my field. Amen." This incantation guarantees prosperity and well-being.

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Author`s name Olga Savka