Decades of western and NATO terrorism

The 24th of March was the anniversary of a non-auspicious occasion: the entrance of NATO into the no-man's land of aggression, war crimes and offensive operations. This is the anniversary of that day in 1999 when NATO brutally and savagely attacked Yugoslavia.

Over 2,000 civilians were to lose their lives and many more thousands were to suffer terrible injuries. The infrastructure was attacked with military hardware and the Serbian province of Kosovo was ripped away in order to create a mafia human and drug trafficking enclave in the heart of Europe.

It was one of the independent countries doing quite well that had to be taken out by the Empire. After Yugoslavia, they then moved on to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Iran are on their hit list.

Kofi Annan recognizes that foreign weapons have been supplied to terrorist elements in Syria.

The west is desperate for African resources and African minerals, Libya was the first step.

Israel, Turkey and France have beem responsible for inserting many terrorists into the region.

Interestingly, while the UN Human Rights Council was ready to honor Muammar Gaddafi for his excellent human rights record, Israel has withdrawn in protest. The development follows the Council's decision to investigate Israel's settlement activity in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The battle for freedom and indepedence goes on in Libya. Here are the latest reports from the battle front:

Rats of Misurata are going to Sirte City to destroy it again, people of Sirte are preparing for battle.

Children who lost parents have been left to fend for themselves, and they are scavenging for anything they can salvage to sell.

Frontlines in the eastern part of the country are very active.

New mass graves have been uncovered by the Green resistance, near and within Tajoura. The bodies of thousands have been located after a battle that lasted for 3 days, more mass graves have been uncovered as the army reclaims new territory.

Terrorists in the east have been beating civilian supporters of Moammar Al Gadhafi and the Green Army.

The General manager of Rixos Hotel has been abducted by the terrorists.

Garbage is choking Tripoli, the city is dirty and totally unbearable.

Clashes in Sabha and Tripoli between the Tuareg resistance fighters and NATO butchers, ongoing as we speak.

A Sebha airbus plane carrying 100+ rats was targeted with a Sam7 and was blown to pieces.

Sirte has become a Mecca for green pilots, Green pilots want to tranform Sirte into an emerald and topaz city that rivals many coastal cities.

Sirte resistance has made history, the youth of Sirte are mobilizing themselves to defend the city.

Libyan youth federation and the Sahara people's international union has flown green school bags, books, uniforms and cleaned the debris in Sirte streets, the city has become a place of brave resistance.

Green Army on behalf of the Libyan Jamahiriya government will compensate children without parents in Eastern cities $500 USD per child to meet their welfare and survival needs

Western and NATO scum still pretentiously moan, weep and cry about dead terrorists in Syria and Libya while spreading death, destruction and terrorism themselves increasingly throughout the globe.


Lisa Karpova


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Author`s name Oksana Orlovskaya