Armed groups in Syria responsible for oil pipeline burst

Armed groups in Syria responsible for oil pipeline burst. 46095.jpegThe Government of Syria denounced a new attack on that country's economy, by the detonatation of explosives in an oil pipeline located in the central province of Homs on Thursday, said Telesur correspondent, Hisham Wannous.

The authorities reported that "an armed terrorist group managed to detonate a pipeline" connecting oil fields located in the northeast of the country with the Homs refinery and also connecting to the port of Baniyas, in the west, Wannous reported.

He noted that the Syrian authorities charged that this "act of sabotage is aimed to hit the country's economy."

Firefighting authorities rushed to the scene of the explosion to meet the emergency, and once they managed to control the fire, there were large columns of smoke enveloping the west of Homs.

However, "the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights," based in London alleges that the smoke is due to bombings carried out by tanks of the Syrian army against some neighborhoods of the city of Homs, to violently suppress demonstrations." One check into the organization's facebook page shows that this NGO is dedicated to defaming, demonizing and slandering the Syrian government.

The authorities managed to disable three other explosive devices placed in one of the bridges of that terrorist infested town.

Wannous Hisham also said that the bodies of eight persons were found in Homs, whose identity has not yet been clarified, . In this regard, the authorities reported that the victims were hit by sniper fire.

Given the violence that is registered in the country, "the Syrian army carried out a large-scale pursuit since yesterday (Wednesday) of armed groups" in a province located in the north, near the border with Turkey.

As part of their safety measures, they managed to neutralize four armed terrorists and arrested an unknown number of members of those groups, said the reporter, who added that the seizure of large quantities of weapons had been achieved.

Syria has become a scene of violence since last February, when factors of the opposition have called for various demonstrations to try to force the ouster of President Bashar Al Assad.

Western powers have urged Assad to leave power, while the Arab League has designed a roadmap out of the problem, which was conditioned by the Syrian government.

Emerging countries have warned that they are trying to repeat the history developed in Libya, where they claim to have overthrown and assassinated the leader, Muammar Al Gaddafi, with the military intervention of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).


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