Russia To Become Childfree Land Under Western Influence

Russia may become a childless country. Every year the number of families who cannot or choose not to have children is increasing. One reason is abortions or infertility of one of the spouses. In addition, a western trend for families who do not have children for the sole reason that raising them takes too much time and money is coming to Russia.

There are a number of reasons why couples refuse to have kids. They include health problems, lack of financial support, obsession with a career, a number of psychological problems and even simply the lack of maternal instinct.

According to recent sociological research, the number of childless couples in Russia is 15-20%, said Valentina Shirokova, head of the Department of Child Health and obstetrics service MHSD. And this is despite the fact that the Government of Russia has taken all possible measures to address this problem. In particular, it increased the amount of benefits paid at birth, developed entire programs to support large families and single mothers. In addition, the social advertisement actively fights against abortions. Teenagers are explained how to avoid pregnancy, and what are the complications caused by early abortions. However, every year the birth rate in the country declines.

Valentine Shirokova considered abortions to be one of the main causes of infertility. Gynecologists also see this as a global issue of modern society. There is a greater likelihood that a woman becomes infertile after an abortion.

“According to world statistics, 1% of women become sterile after an abortion. This happens when the abortion results in perforation of the uterus (rupture of uterine wall), or if complications arise and the patient’s uterus is removed. But it is very individual and there are many factors that affect the situation,”- said Yuri Golodenko, a gynecologist, in an interview with

With regard to social advertising and promotions targeted against abortion, doctors also believe that it does not improve the situation in the country. Conversations about safe sex and the dangers of abortions with students may have the opposite effect. Advertisings like “stop abortion” are based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Instead of promoting family values among young people, television shows them that it is cool to hang out, make friends and be promiscuous. At the same time, TV talks about horrors of the consequences of this life, and parents ban it altogether. After such brainstorming teenagers become uncontrollable.

“In recent years, the number of teenagers who visit OBGYNs, including those coming for an abortion, has been increasing. All propaganda is aimed at the wrong direction. This is NLP. You have to introduce fashion for family relationships, show that it is joy, and that this too is the meaning of life. Instead, teens are watching TV series showing young people who are sexually promiscuous. A teenager, after watching such films, will do the same,” says Golodenko.

There are a number of other problems. Modern society with all its blessings of civilization has given rise to a trend for family life free of children. Married couples do not want to have a child so the child would not interfere with their career, money, and relaxation. They are absolutely happy without children. In the U.S., this phenomenon has become widespread. Such couples are called “child-free.” But people are social beings. And as rude as it may sound, the mission of a woman is to give birth to a child.

“It's not just our speculation that a woman must have a baby. This is what nature has planned. The specific of a female body is that it must give birth to another creature. If a woman does not want to or is afraid of giving birth, she has certain psychological issues. They may be numerous. Most of them are generated by modern civilization. Women are afraid of losing their beauty after giving birth, afraid of losing their career, their independence. It sometimes happens that one spouse refuses to have children, and the other one agrees, while deep inside still wants to have children. Now people have a lot of interests and hobbies, but the family is not one of them because it is not in fashion,” Irina Lysenko, family psychologist, told

Meanwhile, the Federal State Statistics Service data shows that in 2010, the total birth rate in the country has increased. In January-March of 2010, 428 thousand children were born in Russia, which is 1.5% more than during the same months of 2009. But sociologists say that the fashion for a family is becoming obsolete. Most couples, looking at the experience of their Western “counterparts” start thinking about children only after 30. Some refuse to have them altogether. One of the main tasks in addressing this problem is to return the fashion for a family.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov