Huge mansion to be build for Dmitry Medvedev

A huge residence is going to be built for Russia’s recently elected president Dmitry Medvedev on one of the islands amid Lake Seliger. The president’s administration doesn’t reveal the exact name of the island for privacy.

Lake Seliger is a beloved place of rest among the citizens of Moscow, particularly the most famous and important ones. Because of active tourism propaganda, the lake gradually turned into the luxury place of rest. It’s not by chance that this lake is the only one in Moscow that Vladimir Putin visited.

First of all, the lake attracts the tourists with its primeval nature and ecological purity. Then, the lake is situated relatively close to Russia’s main cities – Moscow and Saint Petersburg, which makes it easy to organize informal meetings in the resort area by the lake.

“Dmitry Medvedev is about to possess a 3-storey mansion in a form of an ancient Russian palace. Somewhere nearby will be staff houses that are going to look like country huts”, - said a source in the president’s administration. The entrance to the president’s mansion is going to be guarded by huge stuffed bears. It remains though uncertain what they are going to symbolize: either the power of Russia or the connection with the famous political party.

The representatives of the president’s administration refused to give us a detailed planning map of the future residence for privacy reasons. They insure, however, the president is going to live in the best conditions. It is certain that the residence is going to contain bath-houses for men and women, several tennis courts (which means the island is rather big) and even a small Russian arms Museum. Not to mention such a common place as the guarded helicopter parking.

Translated by Lena Ksandinova

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Author`s name Alex Naumov