Diet of Kremlin politicians now available for anyone

Many of the Kremlin elite have already lost weight thanks to the diet

Recently, a book by Vilena Gurova, "Unclassified Diet of Kremlin Politicians" came out in Russia. The book tells about a low-carbohydrate diet that helps the Kremlin elite be in good form. The author of the book is a doctor, she tested effectiveness of the diet herself and explains its mechanism from the medical point of view.

This may sound paradoxical but the diet of Kremlin politicians was developed for American military and astronauts. It is said that the diet has not become the norm for American astronauts. Politicians having access to classified information about the diet immediately decided to try the diet themselves. Today, the low-carbohydrate diet is very popular among Russian politicians. It is known that many of the Kremlin elite have already lost weight thanks to the diet. Mass media now speak a lot about the wonderful effect of the diet that costs people little effort to grow thin.
Vilena Gurova says she is a busy woman but prefers to idle during her spare time. She prefers reading books, speaking over the phone, watching TV and drinking coffee with friends to physical exercises. At that, she loves to eat tasty meals and this explains that her normal weight considerably increased some time ago. Vilena decided to lose weight and for this purposes searched the most effective but at the same time the smoothest diet. She believed herself absolutely unable to give up tasty meals for green salads only. Luckily, she came across the Kremlin diet allowing to eat tasty meals with the exception of sweet. At that, people should mind the percentage of carbohydrates in food. Experts have estimated that people eating products and meals they love feel more energetic and seldom give way to depressions.

In her book, the author describes the diet from the medical point of view and explains how the diet may be adjusted especially for people suffering from various diseases. She also mentions positive and negative effects of the diet.

The Kremlin diet does not suppose that people must absolutely give up carbohydrates and instead just reduce their share in the ration. Thus, the organism still gets enough glucose from meals. It will not harm the organism when we give up eating cakes and chocolate; there will be no hypoglycemia as a result of it.

Gastroenterologists emphasize that mayonnaise is especially unhealthy for the organism, but the Kremlin diet allows eating mayonnaise. Its ingredients are basically proteins and fat which are possible in this diet focused on fewer carbohydrates. If mayonnaise or roasted meat are not allowed, they must be excluded from the ration at all. The Kremlin diet offers a great variety of meals; it suits for people suffering from many diseases and it supposes products and ways of cooking suitable for different people.

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Author`s name Olga Savka