Water helps people be active and healthy in case we mind its quality

Today, the pure water problem is actually pressing for large cities
What is the quality of water we have in the taps and drink every day? Doctor of Medicine, Professor Yelena Skvortsova from the Moscow Regional Prophylaxis Center insists that people in large cities do have an opportunity to drink pure water from natural springs. As a rule, people know that a spring with pure water is somewhere close to their house and use the water for drinking and cooking. This water is good for health as it is rich in mineral salts and microelements, it contains no harmful additions. But majority of city-dwellers have to drink tap water and seek ways to filter it in a better way.

The Russian Ministry for Health Care informs that tap water in the cities of Moscow, St.Petersburg, Voronezh, Lipetsk, Rostov, Yekaterinburg, Taganrog and Chelyabinsk is not recommended for drinking because of bad smell and taste.

At municipal water treatment plants, water undergoes chemical treatment and filtration to become suitable for drinking and cooking. But after this water goes along kilometers of water pipes, and its quality gets much worse. There are two ways for people to have good water at home: either to buy bottled drinking water (unfortunately the quality of such water is not controlled in this country) or to install water filters at home.

While boiling water we get rid of harmful admixtures but at the same time destroy its good characteristics. Boiling breaks the water molecule thus destroying its polarity. We know that water is the carrier of information. Seventy per cent of the human organism is water, the organism can detect the chemical composition of water that we drink. Then, the organism adjusts its activity to the information it gets from water. So, water is a key participant of the important information exchange in the organism. Boiling deprives water of this function.
So it turns out that tap water is not pure enough and boiled water is not healthy. The easiest way to have pure water at home is to put a silver coin or silver jewelry into a bottle with tap water and let it stand for one day. But experts insist that modern water filters are more effective.

There are several ways of filtration today. Water filtration with activated carbon is the most popular and the cheapest one. Such filters wonderfully absorb much harmful substances. But their period of validity should not exceed six months otherwise filters with activated carbon may become the source of dangerous bacteria.

Filters using activated alumina clear water just of several harmful components. The same is typical of ion exchange filters that clear water of calcium and magnesium ions and make it softer.

Modern water filters include several refining stages based on various elements. This guarantees better water filtration.

The amount of water recommended for daily consumption depends upon a person's figure, mode of living and likes and dislikes in meals. It is generally believed that people should drink one liter of water per every thousand of consumed calories. But remember that some food, vegetables and fruits also contain water.

Usually doctors recommend to drink as much as we wish. At that, the organism needs more water in hot weather and during active physical exercises. When feeling thirsty, better drink pure water not sweet drinks containing sugar, dye stuff and preservatives.

Drink a glass of water before a flight and every hour during the flight to avoid dehydration because of the dry air inside of a plane. Much drinking is also recommended to ill people to help the organism better take toxins out and normalize the temperature.

Those who keep up to a diet should also drink a lot of water to suppress the appetite and remove toxins out of the organism. Doctors recommend drinking pure water and green tea in this case.
Coffee, alcohol and smoking intensify dehydration of the organism, that is why people loving to drink coffee and alcohol and smokers should drink more water. 
Dehydration is bad for the organism. Thirst helps us control the want of the organism of water. But we usually feel thirsty when the organism is already dehydrated, and it will take some time for the organism to liquidate the water deficit. Dehydration is particularly dangerous when a man is thirsty for over 24 hours.

75 per cent of the human brain is water, and dehydration is especially harmful for the brain first of all. It entails nervousness, tiredness and headache. If the water deficit lasts for too long, people will feel sickness, then the temperature goes up and people may even have convulsions. Take a glass of water to stop dehydration of the organism in its initial stage before it entails severe consequences.
Pure water helps people be active, slender and healthy in case we mind its quality and drink enough. 

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Author`s name Olga Savka