Proper diet may stop prostate cancer

A study has shown that men eating high-fat diets are highly likely to develop prostate cancer

Recent researches have proved that an intensive diet and lifestyle program can slow – or possibly stop – the growth of early prostate cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, prostate cancer is the most common diseases among men.

A study has shown that men eating high-fat diets are highly likely to develop prostate cancer. Researchers studied 93 men whose biopsies had shown they had early prostate cancer. The participants were divided into two groups. All of them agreed to forgo any conventional prostate cancer treatment.

The first group stuck to a special diet rich in fruits and vitamins and these men did necessary physical exercises. Experts say the diet is intensive but tasty and add that majority of patients can stick to the diet within five years minimum. However, three men of the group dropped out of the program as they considered the diet too strict. The second group was asked to follow their doctors' advice regarding lifestyle changes, FoxNews reports.

In a year, a study showed that patients of the first group had their health considerably improved. Six patients of the second group had to undergo cancer treatment in the first year after the research. The intensive diet group patients registered the 70 per cent slowing in the growth of prostate cancer cells while patients of the second group registered just 9 per cent slowing.

The results of the research have once again proved the value of the Mediterranean diet. People in the Mediterranean countries suffer from adiposity, heart and vessel diseases, diabetes and cancer less than people in other regions. This is the positive effect of the local diets.

Doctor at the Neapolitan restaurants Tagliatelli  Giacomo Biari speaks about several principles of the Mediterranean diets. These diets first of include vegetables, fruits, fish and sea food, poultry and macaroni or rice for garnish. They seldom eat cakes and red meat.

It is important that all products must be compatible with each other. In other words, do not eat too much of macaroni with sausages, better use sauces or vegetables.

Olive oil is another secret of the Mediterranean diet. To make macaroni a dietary meal never cook them with animal fat. A small portion of macaroni with virgin olive oil helps cure stomach ulcer. 

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Author`s name Olga Savka