Forget medicines, fresh juice cures wonderfully

Experts recommend to begin juice therapy with the type of juice that you particularly like and never mix it with others

Dietitian and endocrinologist Larissa Nikitina tells how natural juices may help cure diseases and patients use no medicines at that. Take ripe vegetables and fruits, peel and cut them immediately before making juice and this will guarantee high quality juice with a curative effect. Vegetables and fruits retain all of their nutrients if cut right before you begin making juice. Heat treatment weakens the curative effect of natural juices that is why only a fresh squeeze is absolutely good for health. Fresh squeezes can be stored for not more than 10-15 minutes after making. Digestion of fresh squeezes is very rapid and takes about an hour. Fresh juices are not recommended for refrigeration as the ferments and bacteria in juices and oxygen immediately decompose fresh juice in a fridge.

For an immediate effect, take at least 600g of fresh squeezes in a sip every day. It is recommended to drink juices not later than half an hour before having meal. If you drink fresh squeezes immediately before or after meals, they cause zymosis in the intestines and consequently aggravate diseases.

Experts recommend to begin juice therapy with the type of juice that you particularly like and never mix it with others. Start with orange or grapefruit juice that contains much vitamin C. When you get used to this juice therapy, you can try juice mixtures. At that, be careful with the compatibility of products. Mixtures of two products – apple and carrot, apple and tomato, carrot and cucumber, carrot and radish – are particularly good. These may be also mixtures of three products by adding the squeeze of lemon, onion, pepper, cabbage or potherbs. Why do experts recommend mixing fruit and vegetable juices? Fruit juices are rich in sugar while vegetable juices contain much mineral salts and both juices make a perfect combination. Herb squeezes are rich in ferments; they contain much iron, calcium, tannin and essential oils. They make the curative effect of squeezes even stronger.

Some experts recommend drinking only fresh squeezes and no other liquid. But at least 1-2 glasses of fresh fruit or vegetable juice a day will help neutralize acid products in the body caused by physical or mental overstrain and by eating meat. Even these small portions of juice a day will have a positive effect upon the organism and health within a month. Fresh squeezes are particularly recommended for those people whose organisms cannot assimilate vegetables and fruits because of fibers. Molecules of fresh juice penetrate through cell membranes better than water molecules, that is why fresh juices are good for kids, aged people, to those who have fever or suffer from digestive system diseases. Fresh juices stimulate appetite. But it is important to consult a doctor before switching to a juice diet allowing no other food within several days. However, doctors recommend having only fresh juice and no other meals within one day a week to improve health. Full-bodied women should better drink low-calorie juices squeezed of tomato, cucumbers, cabbage, orange, apples and grapefruit. Various combinations of these juices help cure obesity.

People suffering from some diseases must know that fresh squeezes are usually choleretic, antipyretic and hamper adaptability to hard living conditions. There are some juices that are recommended for patients suffering from some particular diseases, and at the same time these very juices may be prohibited for other patients.  Doctors will recommend a treatment regimen necessary for every particular patient. It is important to have clinical analyses before and after juice therapy.

Effectiveness of juices also depends upon the season when they are squeezed. In spring, doctors recommend taking citrus or apple juice separately or mixed with orange and grapefruit juices a glass a day. Add juice of spring potherbs to the juice made of carrot, beet, radishes or black radish. In summer, better mix the juices of sweet and sour berries. In autumn, make juices of the vegetables you like and of stone-fruits. In winter, doctors recommend making juice of late apple sorts and root vegetables. The course of drinking some particular juice (of beet, for instance) makes up 21 days, as this is the period of an entire metabolic cycle in the organism.

Thanks to the high vitamin content orange is an effective remedy for prophylaxis and treatment of beriberi, gout, hypertension, atherosclerosis and liver diseases. Daily drinking of orange juice helps quickly cure acute respiratory diseases and prevents development of these diseases. People suffering from constipation should eat two oranges a day, or drink orange juice on en empty stomach and before going to bed. But orange juice is not good for people suffering from stomach diseases, gastritis.

Beet juice is good for making red blood cells and for improving the blood quality. Beet juice is not particularly tasty, that is why begin treatment with beet juice in small portions. If you still cannot get used to drinking pure beet juice mix it with carrot juice. The mixture of carrot and beet juices contains much phosphorus, sulfur, potassium and other alkaline elements. If mixed with other juices, beet juice must make up not more than one third of the mixture.

Cabbage juice is a wonderful purifier and is good for weight normalization. It contains much sulfur and chlorine that are wonderful for cleansing the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. This juice is insipid enough, but salting destroys the effectiveness of the cabbage juice. This juice also contains much iodine which is essential for many of us. Warm cabbage juice is good for treating gastritis, stomach ulcer, sore throat, stomatitis and gingivitis. A warm mixture of cabbage and beet juices with honey taken half an hour before meals and between meals is a wonderful remedy against sore throat.

Carrot juice is the best source of vitamin A that is wonderfully assimilated in the organism. It is good for appetite, digestion and teeth structure. Nursing mothers should drink about 0.5 liter of carrot juice to have better milk. This juice is also recommended for infants for better development. Carrot juice also makes the organism strong against infectious diseases; it makes the nervous system stronger and one of the best remedies raising vitality. It is important for eyesight improving. 

It is generally believed that cucumbers contain no essential components just water. But in fact cucumber juice is rich in mineral salts: it consists of over 40 per cent of potassium, 10 per cent of sodium, 20 per cent of phosphorous, 7 per cent of calcium and 7 per cent of chlorine. Cucumber is one of the best natural diuretics. The mixture of cucumber and carrot juices is good for treating rheumatoid diseases caused by accumulation of uric acid in the organism. Cucumber juice is also good for treating joints diseases. The high potassium content of the cucumber juice make it important for hypotensive and hypertensive patients.

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Author`s name Olga Savka