Natural aphrodisiacs can enhance sex life

An experienced ladylove will always offer her partner a glass of cognac from her own stock when she is given a bottle of champagne at the beginning of a romantic rendezvous. Chocolate is a powerful aphrodisiac too. It stands to reason that lovers consume lots of chocolate.

Celery undoubtedly tops the list of agents which act on the mind and cause the arousal of the mood of sexual desire. It is only natural that Marquise de Pompadour, a mistress of Louis XV, would regularly drink hot chocolate spiced with celery and amber. Chopped celery mixed with apples and walnuts were the main ingredients of her favorite salad.

Was Marquise de Pompadour conscious that certain chemicals contained in the foods could enhance sexuality or performance? Did she include them in her diet simply because she could not resist the call of her insatiable body addicted to love? A cluster of celery stems was traditionally hung above the bed of newlyweds on the first marital night. The plant was believed to act as a powerful erotic stimulant.

Some other spicy herbs have an aphrodisiac effect too. Tormentil or Potentilla tormentilla is much valued by medicine men across the globe. The plant is said to have a more powerful effect than that of Viagra. The Chinese have studied the properties of numerous plants and herbs for centuries. In particular, the Chinese extol the properties of Ginseng or the golden root, which is believed to effectively stimulate sexual desire in both men and women. Patients with sexual arousal disorder and/or erectile dysfunction are normally recommended to take Ginseng extract for 40 days and then make a 3-month break. The dosage is to be determined on an individual basis depending on the person’s diagnosis.

Herbal tea containing crushed Ginseng root in combination with certain herbs can increase libido. Various kinds of cheese, especially strongly flavored cheeses veined with mold, have a powerful aphrodisiac effect too. Cheese makers have long noticed that men prefer strongly flavored and spicy cheeses, whereas women favor soft cheeses with a dash of sweetness. Rumor has it that Georgian women simply pass out once they inhale the irresistible odor of a highly aphrodisiac variety of local cheese. Smells play a very important role in the world of sexual relationships.

The sense of smell serves a kind of foundation on which the human sensuality is based. Men are exited sexually by pheromones, natural chemical substances contained in sweat released by the female body. Pheromones are believed to determine a woman’s sex appeal, creating invisible bonds that make complete opposites attract. Humans can only become aware of certain scents after reaching puberty. Scientists are still unable to explain the mechanism of this amazing phenomenon. Perfume manufacturers are keen to take advantage of the effect of pheromones.

Incidentally, women of many African tribes practice “fumigation” of their genitals prior to engaging in sexual activities. In most cases they burn amber for the purpose. The European woman normally uses traditional aromatherapy oils, which can help her to unwind and increase sexual sensitivity. An erotic atmosphere in your room can be created by burning scented candles or heating aromatic oils placed in special vials. Fragrant sachets or small bags containing sweet-smelling substances can be kept in a dresser. A few drops of aromatic oils added in a hot bath or placed around the genital area will help wrap your body in a sensuous veil. But be careful when using different oils because some of them are hardly agreeable if mixed.

Aromatic oils for seduction purposes:

Bergamot – enhances sexual drive

Geranium – a mixed effect, both relaxing and invigorating

Jasmine – creates an atmosphere of intimacy and luxury

Ylang-ylang – helps overcome impotence and frigidity

Neroli – helps reduce inhibition and increase sexual pleasure

Rose – emanates tenderness and bliss

Sandalwood – enchants with a sweet-smelling aroma


Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Alex Naumov