Women’s major health troubles: cellulite, menopause and hysteria

Wearing brassiere does not cause breast cancer

Specialists at the Institute of Diseases of Civilizations in Hawaii maintain that women who wear bras longer than 12 hours a day run a higher risk of developing breast cancer, compared to those who do not wear bras at all. The link has to do with too much pressure put by a close-fitting support for the breasts on numerous lymphatic nods and blood vessels located in the armpit.

Cabbage diet makes breasts grow larger

Many a woman have heard the myth of the miraculous properties of cabbage, which are said to be capable of making female breasts enlarge. As regards cabbage and its enlarging powers, a woman can make her bust bigger only by inserting two cabbage heads into her bra cups.

Hysteria affects women only

In fact, the incidence rate of hysteria among women is thrice as high as it is among men. However, the disorder also affects men.

An expectant mother should eat twice as much

Many believe that a pregnant woman should eat more than a non-pregnant one normally does. The viewpoint is erroneous. A pregnant woman’s diet must be variable and full-bodied yet overindulgence in food is absolutely out of the question. A fetus receives nutriments and oxygen at an amount that enables it to develop properly. There will be no stimulus for a fetus to survive if nutriments and oxygen are supplied to excess.

Deepening of the voice do not occur in pubescent girls

Both boys and girls undergo the voice mutation as they arrive at puberty. The point is that the process is less noticeable in the case of girls. The size of larynx nearly doubles in boys, while the size of it in girls grows only by one third. The vocal cords become larger in proportion to the enlargement of larynx. The length of vocal cords determines the pitch of one’s voice.

Earrings are bad for eyesight

Not a single case of blindness caused by wearing of earrings has ever been recorded. Some people believe that eyesight can be impaired if a specific place of an earlobe is pierced through during acupuncture. The viewpoint is erroneous. At times acupuncturists locate and pierce the so-called “eyesight point” on an earlobe for treating visual impairment.

Cellulite is a disease

Many specialists maintain that cellulite is not a disease. According to them, it is a physiological norm, a secondary sexual characteristic. Incidentally, there is no way one can get rid of a small layer of cellulite cells deposited between the fat tissue and skin.

Menopause affects younger women these days

The onset of menopause occurs at an average age of 47. According to medical statistics, women start to experience menopausal changes at an older age these days, compared to women at the turn of the 20th century.

Arguments and Facts

Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov