Sex makes people healthy, cheerful, strong, beautiful and sleepy

It is much easier for a woman to learn how to love herself, if she has a man, who desires and worships her

It is generally believed that human beings have sex either for pleasure or reproduction. However, the number of people driven with these motivations has been reducing steadily during the recent years. The majority of humans use sex as the most pleasant and available remedy for a whole bouquet of problems.

It is an open secret that a person gets into a cheerful mood during an act of love. In addition to purely psychological satisfaction, the human body produces endorphin – the hormone in charge of elevated spirits and positive perception of the environment. Researchers say that such inspiration comes from the activity of certain brain centers, which change the hormonal status of the body. Good quality sex produces a spiritually elevating effect on the chemical level, which does not require any additional efforts.

Prior to the culminating moment of an act of love, orgasm, the brain emits a dose of oxytocin – the hormone of the posterior lobe of pituitary. Oxytocin results in the production of sedative endorphins – natural analogues of morphine. Sex spurs the production of estrogen with women – the substance, which eases premenstrual pains. Therefore, sex is the best painkiller.

One may say that a bed is the best equipment for physical exercises that man has ever designed. The pulse rate of a sexually excited individual increases from 70 to 150 beats per minute, which is comparable to muscle efforts of a weight-lifter. Only one sexual intercourse burns off the same amount of calories that a person loses running on a treadmill for 15 minutes. Needless to say that the first option is much more pleasant than the second one. Thirty minutes of sex kill about 200 calories. In other words, daily sex can take away 500 grams of your weight in a week.

Sex is a very good impetus for the strengthening of the immune system. It has been tentatively proved that those people, who have sex on a regular basis, are much more protected against various viral diseases than those, who prefer abstinence: healthy sex saturates blood with antibodies. Therefore, sexually active men and women suffer from widespread infectious diseases such a flu and cold less frequently. As for sexually transmitted diseases, the answer is obvious: a condom makes perfect.

It may seem unreal, but it is a fact: regular sex enlarges women's breasts. Sexual excitement intensifies the bloodstream, which may add 25 percent to a woman's breast size. Furthermore, women can raise their IQ with every orgasm that they experience. American scientists, who continuingly study sexual possibilities of homo sapiens, discovered that the moment of orgasm gives a very powerful incentive to a large number of chemical reactions and physical procedures in the body. The speed of blood circulation reaches its maximum, whereas the oxygen-enriched blood reaches all internal organs, including brain, very quickly. Hypothalamus – the center for control of the hormonal system – also governs the work of learning and memorizing centers.

It goes without saying that an act of love ends with the ultimate relaxation and sleep, especially if it occurs after a hard day at work. The raising level of oxytocin produces a strong tranquillizing effect. Sex can therefore be considered as a perfect natural soporific medication.

Sex trains almost all groups of muscles, especially muscles of pelvis, buttocks, stomach and arms, which is an important factor for women. Regular love acts improve the bearing and exert a favorable influence on the musculoskeletal system. In addition, sex results in the production of collagen – the substance, which adds smoothness and glow to women's skin. Progesterone, another hormonal product of sex, helps a person fight acne. American scientists concluded as a result of their research that couples, who love each other at least three times a week, look two or three years younger than their coevals, who either abstain from sex or hardly ever enjoy it.

Any long-legged beauty girl annoys you, especially if she looks younger and prettier. A photograph of a beautiful model wearing fancy designer clothes ruins your entire day. Only passionate sex can save you from this infirmity. When a man tells his woman that she is the most beautiful lady on Earth, a woman usually stops thinking about several centimeters of fat on her waist or the fading elasticity of her skin. Psychologists say that it is much easier for a woman to learn how to love herself, if she has a man, who desires and worships her.

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Author`s name Olga Savka