Left-handed human race to make the world a better place

Scientists say that the number of left-handed individuals grows rather fast in the world today 

Specialists calculated that every tenth human being is left-handed. The total amount of lefthanders living in the world reaches over 600 million. According to experts' estimates, there will be a billion of left-handed people living on planet Earth by 2020. The world will be different against the background of such a trend, scientists say.

”The number of left-handed babies that were born in 2005 doubled the amount of left-handed children, which saw the light in 1990,” doctor of biological sciences, Alexander Dubov said. “Mankind is changing slowly. However, it is not about degradation of the human civilization at all. Quite on the contrary, people become more perfect,” the professor said.

Latest research works conducted in many countries of the globe showed that the IQ level of left-handed people is higher in comparison with the one of right-handed individuals. Every fifth outstanding person is left-handed as a rule. Furthermore, the people, who can boast of having extraordinary abilities, are left-handed too.

”There are a lot of extrasensorial individuals among them,” doctor of medical sciences, Alexander Lee said. “We checked the supposition. There are hardly any right-handers among those, who have the gift of remote viewing, telepathy, or X-ray viewing,” the doctor said.

Right and left-handers are virtually different types of people with their own special mindsets and perception of the world. “They get along with each other perfectly, but there is a hidden evolutionary struggle taking place between them, which reminds the struggle between primeval humans, Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal men. It seems to me that left-handers will eventually win the fight owing to their anomalous abilities,” scientist of anomalous phenomena, Pyotr Chereda said.

Modern scientists have already concluded that the left-handed human race will change the world; the humanity will become more intellectual and extrasensorial.

It is noteworthy that specialists do not have an explicit explanation to the mystery of the left-handed phenomenon. They discovered, however, that a human being takes either a left or a right way of development in mother's womb. Scientists photographed growing fetuses with the help of a special ultrasonic camera. If an unborn baby was trying to take a left hand in its mouth, it would be born as a left-handed infant. Specialists concluded that something happens in fetus's brain during the third of the fourth month of its development. The right hemisphere takes advantage of the left one and claims responsibility for those parts of the brain, which will later be in charge of speaking and writing abilities. The brain takes a significant change, when the left hand of a person eventually plays the dominating role. If the transformation was not that strong or if it was incomplete, it is possible for a person to take a step back. In this case, a person could be described as a right-left-handed individual, i.e. he or she would possess the qualities of both right and left-handers. It brings up the idea that something similar happened to Russian President Putin. Mr. Putin seems to be a right-handed person. However, he wears his watch on the right wrist. In addition, Putin often uses his left hand to take notes out of his right pocket.

The left-handed phenomenon may probably be explained with genetic peculiarities. The ability is often handed down across generations. There are certain bizarre peculiarities, though, which can hardly be explained with inheritance. A recent research, which was conducted among 20,000 people, showed that left-handed people are usually delivered by women over 30 years of age. Furthermore, left-handers are usually born prematurely, during the second half of the year.

Left-handed people have remarkable abilities to perceive sounds and intonations absolutely clearly and distinguish superfine color shades. They have picturesque memory, which preserves bright impressions for quite long periods of time.

Most outstanding left-handers: 

Using only left hand… Leonardo Da Vinci painted “Mona Lisa”; Leo Tolstoy wrote “War and Peace;” Charlie Chaplin played with his stick. Nicole Kidman combs her hair holding a hairbrush in her left hand.

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Author`s name Olga Savka