City life stresses develop insomnia, which results in post-insomnia depression

It is generally believed that a glass of red wine or a shot of whiskey is an efficacious remedy for insomnia

Millions of men, women and children suffer from insomnia, tossing and turning in their beds every night. Numerous people have to go to work and spend “the worst day ever” there, dreaming about the end of the horrible working day.

Insomnia, or sleep disorder, is one of the indications of poor health. Modern life is full of stresses: it is extremely hard to find an absolutely happy and healthy individual in crowds of poor beings exhausted with chronic fatigue, lack of fresh air and simple physical movement.

Healthy and uninterrupted sleep is as important for humans as air, water and food. Almost 50 percent of the Earth's population has to deal with sleep disorders nowadays. There is a list of over 90 diseases, which disrupt the process of sleeping and eventually results in serious physical and psychological consequences. The list includes depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, stresses, and so on and so forth. Insomnia can often be exacerbated with other diseases that a person may suffer from. The stresses that cause insomnia are closely connected with the stresses, which occur afterwards, because of insomnia.

Statistics says that 50 percent of adults suffer from one of numerous sleep disorders. Thirteen percent of those people experience severe health problems because of insufficient sleep. Unfortunately, the majority of people do not discuss their sleep problems with doctors in spite of the fact that consequences can be extremely dangerous to health.

The obvious effect of insomnia – fatigue - has already been reputed as the reason, which causes about one-third of most horrible car accidents. About 50 percent of lethal outcomes on the roads occur because of drivers' fault: many of them suffer from insomnia, but disregard the problem, considering it as something absolutely unimportant, and fall asleep while driving as a result.

It is generally believed that a glass of red wine or a shot of whiskey is an efficacious remedy for insomnia. Alcohol may cause drowsiness indeed, although people may wake up at night all of a sudden and thus be deprived of uninterrupted sleep. It goes without saying that such a “medical treatment” may result in alcoholic addiction. To crown it all, alcohol excites appetite: eating too much food before going to bed may complicate the breathing process, not to mention the fact that the digestive system is forced to work at the time, when it needs to relax. It is noteworthy that an empty rumbling stomach can also become the reason of a sleepless night. The last food intake during the day is supposed to be made not later than two hours before going to bed, doctors recommend. 

Some people say that they feel better if they smoke a cigarette, take a shower or have a cup of tea or coffee before sleeping. Caffeine or nicotine, however, exert a stimulating effect on human receptors. Similarly, the exhilarating effect of a shower may ruin the normal physical relaxation of the human body at night.

Others believe that sports relieve stress best and make a human being sleep like a log. Physical training, which is supposed to be a mandatory constituent of everyone's daily schedules, is to be excluded at least three hours before bedtime. Specialists do not recommend doing any physical exercises in the evening, because physical activity does not further relaxation.

The following recommendations may help you experience the pleasure of healthy sleep, wake up with a smile on your face and say “good morning” even to strangers. Try to stick to certain sleeping hours when you go to bed at night and wake up in the morning, even on weekends, developing the so-called daily biological clock for the body. A comfortable bed, mattress, pillow and bed linen are extremely important too. If it is possible, try to take walk to breathe fresh air before bed. Try to get rid of sources of noise in your bedroom. The temperature around 20 degrees above zero Centigrade is considered the best temperature for healthy sleeping. When in bed, try to avoid thinking about tomorrow: draw up your plans after work, on your way home. There should be no TV or radio sets placed in your bedroom.

If all of the above-listed and other recommendations do not help at all, one should
think of other methods of medical help trying to avoid the depression crisis. Russian medics treat insomnia patients with the help of Aura-009 electromagnetic therapy apparatus. The equipment is quite effective in the treatment of not only sleep disorders, but also in cases of chronic fatigue, stresses and depression inherent to big cities.

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Author`s name Olga Savka