Rock music enhances suicidal sentiments, new study suggests

Rock music can destroy the brain through the impact of ultra and infra sounds which are inaudible to the human ear

People took note of the medicinal properties of music a long time ago. A music theater for medical purposes was built in the Kingdom of Parthia in the 3rd century B.C. Doctors at the theater used specially selected melodies for treating patients with depression, nervous disorders and heart problems. Enough evidence was gathered over the last century to prove that electromagnetic waves produced by the sounds of music could make vibrate every cell of the human body. Music can change the blood pressure and heart rate, it can also dramatically change the rhythm and character of breathing.

Disagreeable sounds can cause nausea, stomach cramps, they can even dull the sharpness of sight and the sense of taste. A particular piece of music can have a deep soothing effect on some people, it can even put them in a coma and paralysis. Another piece of music can induce a panic attack. Even dogs are susceptible to music. For example, the blood pressure of Dandie Dinmonts can go up and down the mercury column by 70 millimeters depending on a piece of music the dogs are subjected to.

The beat of a shaman's drum has a mind-blowing effect on a patient. The beat reaches out for the inner structures of the brain. There are receptors located in the neck area, they react to the pulsation of air due to sound waves produced by the percussion. The levels of endogene ethanol, natural alcohol produced in small quantities by any organism, are reported to increase as a result. Such kind of “internal drunkenness” can relieve stress. There are many methods in today's psychotherapy based on the classical shamanism.

An experiment involving 120 breast-feeding mothers was conducted in Japan. Some women were listening to classical music while others were listening to jazz and pop. There was a 20% increase in the amount of milk produced by the first group of  mothers. On the contrary, the milk of those who listened to modern music was reportedly halved. Rock music can destroy the brain through the impact of ultra and infra sounds which are inaudible to the human ear. However, all the organs of a human body can “hear” those sounds. According to Dmitry Azarov, a psychologist, rock music can enhance suicidal tendencies. The results of experiments show that listeners can suffer a faint should the synchronized beating of certain drums exceed the after-threshold level of100 decibels.

People are divided into two groups on the basis of their perception of background music. The impact of background music on the first group is akin to that produced by hallucinogenic drugs. There is a rush of adrenaline, people get rid of depression, loneliness, fears and uncertainty as the music plays at the background. People of the other group prefer silence to any kind of background music. On the other hand, humans can not exist in total silence for a long time because the acoustic background is a sign of life. Nature has always been a creaky cradle for the human race in terms of sounds and noises ranging from a thunderbolt to birds' singing to a murmur of a brook. A human being can stand only 40 hours of total isolation in an artificial environment. Isolation leads to a complete loss of the sense of reality and one's own body, central nervous system becomes fully exhausted, hallucinations start to develop, blood pressure and pulse decrease.

Doctor Schulman at the Moscow Health Center plays audio tapes with pre-recorded sounds of human internal organs e.g. heartbeats, stomach rumblings etc., to his patients for therapeutic purposes. He believes a patient will get better after listening to a harmonious melody produced by sound organs. Psychology professors issued tens of audio tapes for tackling irritation, creativity stimulation and the like. The tapes can also help achieve the highest degree of intellectual productivity by reaching balance between the left and right halves of the cerebrum. There are tapes with music for losing weight, others are designed to fight smoking and alcoholism. Music therapy is even used for treating alopecia.

Doctor Alexander Logan invented an abdominal support for expectant mothers. The device has a number of built-in mini stereo speakers and should be worn by pregnant women on their bellies. The support is wired to a Walkman playing specially selected musical tracks. More than 1,200 children who had listened to music while sitting in the womb were born so far. All the infants took standard tests (language and communication faculties etc.) and showed excellent results. On average, they scored 4 times greater than children who did not listen to music.

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Author`s name Olga Savka