Unique Russian healer retrieves human power

What is the remedy that can cure the soul, relieve people of fear, doubts and anxiety?

Bioenergetics researcher, Doctor of the traditional and folk medicine, psychologist, professor Feliks Sach, is the founder of a unique psychogenic self-protection system. The researcher has been in a close contact with prominent healers and psychologists in India and Tibet for several years and now the man is known as an astonishingly accurate diagnostician of diseases and man's destiny. He used to work together with the administration of ex-president of Russia Boris Yeltsin.

Feliks Sach is a war veteran with several wounds but still looking rather young for his age. The  psychologist is slightly blind and deaf as a result of his exhausting healing seances that he still conducts all over the Russian territory. This summer, Feliks Sach is going for a tour about Russian cities and settlements again. To tell the truth, sometimes Feliks Sach sounds very much like Dale Carnegie.

He says that there are three types of energy in the world. The first type is the energy of man's character. This energy makes people what we say energetic or inert. The second type is the energy of spirit which we often call energetics; this type in its turn consists of two energetics, the good and the evil energetics. And the third type of energy is the huge mysterious macro-space energy that we know as subtle energy. This energy helps operate the power of nature. This type of energy was typical of the first people that inhabited the planet. Today, there are just few people in the world who actually have this power.

The psychologist has produced two audio tapes about bioenergetics of health and the fate and a book with his ideas as concerning the issue of fate. He recorded the tapes with the view of accumulating his personal energy to make the tapes actually healing and helpful for other people. It took Feliks Sach three years to complete the work on the tapes. “There are many medicines and medical devices to cure various diseases of the body. And what is the remedy that can cure the soul, relieve people of fear, doubts and anxiety?” Feliks Sach says. The researcher is anxious to find a remedy to make people's will stronger, make people's sexual appeal, memory and sleep much better. 

The unique record plays for 18 minutes: the psychologist's voice sounds for 12 minutes and there is not a sound within the next 5 minutes. The man's voice sounds again at the end of the record when Feliks Sach wishes good rest and quiet night to the listeners. It is recommended to listen to the tape for 2 to 10 times (once a day) depending upon the character and seriousness of a disease. The record is always effective no matter if patients fall asleep after they listen to the tape or not.

Many people who have recovered from diseases thanks to the method of Sach know the best slogan of the psychologist saying that “Sense (prudence) and will are permanent components of success”. Feliks Sach says that leaders are not always personalities while a personality is always a leader. People may become leaders as a result of some circumstances. But being a personality is the God's gift. One must first of all be a personality to become a lucky leader in his own fate.

Famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin said that “envy is a sister of competition, so it is good.” But Feliks Sach sticks to his own philosophy as concerning people's envy. He says there is white (good) envy that is peculiar only to people of great inner power, mind and wisdom. This type of envy is in fact the benevolence and sympathy toward those who are luckier than we are. And the black (evil) envy is the result of weakness and bad luck. It arises from the lack of critical self-appraisal, and hatred toward everything in the world.

On the photo: Feliks Sach

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Author`s name Olga Savka