Magnet Man and Target Man to qualify for Guinness Book in Moscow

The peak of the show featured darts thrown at the back of a fearless man

New achievements have been registered in Moscow to qualify for the Guinness Book of Records. The peak of the show featured darts thrown at the back of a fearless man.

Then the Magnet Man showed his phenomenal abilities. A 100-hour dance marathon was the backdrop of the event. The dance marathon kicked off on June 12, 2005. Breaking the previous record for the longest non-stop discotheque was the only objective of the participants who were recruited in 15 Moscow institutions of higher education. Students from the city of Sochie held the previous record for the longest dance. They were dancing for 55 hours in September last year. The Muscovites decided to set a new record by dancing 4 days in a row or 100 hours.

Evgeny Kuznetsov, a resident of Nizhny Novgorod, became famous for the strength of his back. In the past, Mr. Kuznetsov could bear the effect of 5-7 darts stuck in his back. During the show the man who feels no pain decided to make a new achievement and catch 50 darts with his back.

The brave man appeared stripped down to his waist. Spectators were encouraged to fling darts at his back. Only the few mostly from the dancing student crowd decided to give it a try and throw a couple of darts. Finally, the man turned his back to the audience and became a real target. Some people were throwing darts at his naked back. Others watched the man's back turning into some kind of a porcupine's coat. The man made no sound as the darts were piercing his flesh. His eyes were closed throughout the self-inflicted ordeal. He opened his eyes only after all the darts were thrown at him. Then he took a walk around the circus ring so that everybody could have a better look at the pointed objects stuck in his back. It seems amazing but there was not a single drop of blood on his back. His name should definitely qualify for the Guinness Book of Records. Evgeny said that he had been doing martial arts and yoga since he was 6. He developed a special ability to “switch off” certain parts of his body.

The Magnet Man from the city of Cheboksary called Mikhail Vasiliev broke his record before the darts show went under way. The man became famous for his ability to attract a big piece of metal (weighing more than 160 kilos) to his body. That night he was about to hold a 45-kilo log on his chest, no hands used. The man failed to attract the large chunk of wood to his body during his first attempt. The log just did not “stick” to his chest. Skeptics in the audience began to sneer at the man, but the man paid no attention. He took a short break and somehow managed to hold the log stuck to his naked chest for a few seconds. The log seemed to be glued to the body. Way to go, Mikhail!

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Author`s name Olga Savka